RSA to stage talk on the arts at Braithwaite Hall, Apr 14

Rise Gallery graffiti 2

Graffiti in St George’s Walk. Which is only ever seen when the shopes are… errr… shut

The Braithwaite Hall is staging an evening of talks on April 14 about the regenerative influence of the arts, organised by the Royal Society for the Arts.

The event is free, and according to the RSA, “the main speaker will be Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison, owner of Rise Gallery, who has earned a reputation of ‘the man, who single-handedly changed Croydon’.”

Yes, someone seriously sat down at a trypewriter and came up with that. And to think that even Gavin Barwell hasn’t got the brass neck to make such a claim. Kevin Z-M’s talk had better be good.

Bookings for the event are being taken here.

The gig has something of the appearance of a promotional event (another one) for the Rise Gallery, which is hosting a drinks reception for RSA Fellows (that is, members) afterwards.

The Rise Gallery, in the benighted St George’s Walk, is claiming credit for a 400 per cent increase in footfall for the old, unloved mall. So that could mean five people visit St George’s Walk each day now, instead of one…

If you have any questions, please contact Olga Betko:

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  1. risegallery says:

    Hi Inside Croydon,

    Thank you for covering this. Yes I must admit when I saw the statement ‘the man who single-handedly changed Croydon’ I was myself quite shocked it’s something I myself have never said. Of course the reason for our success so far has been a combination of many factors not least the good will of many kind supporters the main body of these has been our wonderful community that surrounds us. It’s been truly humbling to have such a network of support around us which is really the root of our success. To have been invited by the RSA to host an event for them I feel honestly nothing short of honoured. I really don’t want it to be another ‘promotional’ event just for us but hope this to be an opportunity to talk about Croydons rich artistic heritage and as a borough together facing the future how we can work together to help enrich and reflect our wonderfuly diverse community through art and culture. In my opinion I think it’s high time we celebrate Croydon for the amazing place it really is.

    It’s took time to create what we have done it wasn’t just an idea implemented in a few hours it’s taken years to get this far. I’ve used my own money to create what we’ve done and never once requested or received any tax payers money throughout our implementation and it’s been tough at times. I feel though when you have a vision and a desire to create positive change in your own community. It’s something you have to dedicate your life too and just have to take the risk and hard work that goes with that.

    To be recognised for that is very humbling and a privilege.

    Yes we have increased the footfall and unit occupancy in the area at a difficult time in the area itself. If we aren’t seeing hundreds of thousands suddenly decend upon the street as a result that’s not really the point. The point is that more people are coming here and that is positive for us, the local independent businesses and the community that surrounds us.

    Admittedly im quite nervous about speaking to so many people as its feels like quite a weight of responsibility. I do very much look forward to meeting you at event and hope the delivery of this talk is one that’s respectful to all of us and comes across is such a way that leaves you and others who engage with us feeling positive and encouraged.

    Best wishes,

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