#BackZacAndCrack shown two red cards by Generation Rent

One of the advantages of social media is the publication by various interest groups – from lobbyists and charities through to estate agents – of infographics, snappy illustrations of news.

Like this one, from Generation Rent, published today on the housing policies being offered in the London Mayoral election (in case you can’t quite make out who those very small mug shots feature, they are, from left to right: Sian Berry [Green]; George Galloway [George Galloway]; BackZacAndCrack [Old Etonians]; Sadiq Khan [Bus Drivers’ Collective]; Caroline Pidgeon [LibDems]; Peter Whittle [Let’s Go Back to 1956 Party]):

Generation Rent's guide to Mayoral candidates

There is just a small chance that this is a superficial way to present politics and policies. The green-amber-red approach obviously reflects Generation Rent’s own principles and priorities, which it summarises as being “professionally managed, secure, decent and affordable private rented homes in sustainable communities”.

But it is noticeable that Tory candidate Goldsmith gets red cards for his attitude towards letting agents and rent levels, the latter being of the utmost priority to millions of Londoners, and he offers nothing on tenant representation.

Likewise, George Galloway actually has very little to suggest at all in terms of considered housing policy, while Peter Whittle’s offer for UKIP gets three red cards – which is surely worth a three-week suspension?

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  1. farmersboy says:

    A while back I got a badly cut and paste answer from Gav to a question about rent control saying basically it would be a return to the bad old days of slum landlords who never repaired anything and tenants having no security. I never got round to asking how many weeks back he was thinking.

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