Caption competition: God Save The Queen, bless ‘er

Newman caption competitionThis is what passes for “positive publicity” from Croydon Council: a badly taken picture, which fails to illustrate the point it is trying to make. Who’d have thought that the council has a professionally staffed press office which costs tax-payers somewhere north of £500,000 per year?

The picture shows, from the left, council leader Tony Newman (who does not normally lean to the left as much as he is doing here), the Mayor of Croydon, Patricia Hay-Justice, then some bloke who no one is quite sure what he does apart from trouser large amounts of public cash, and Tim Pollard, the leader of the Tory opposition group on the council.

This fabulous foursome had gathered outside the Town Hall to run the flag up the mast yesterday to mark the occasion of some old lady’s 90th. Newman tweeted something about being “proud to celebrate” the birthday. None of them in the picture look at their ease. And as for the flag, well…

Here at Inside Croydon Towers, we thought we’d ask our loyal reader for their thoughts on a suitable caption for this sub-optimal picture. No more than 40 words, you can post it as a comment to this article, or email us at the usual address. Usual T&Cs apply, with a bottle of cheap fizz from Marks and Sparks as a prize for the most amusing.

Extra marks will be awarded to anyone with PhotoShop skills who manages to orchestrate speech bubbles, Private Eye-style, and emails in their entry in jpg format.

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13 Responses to Caption competition: God Save The Queen, bless ‘er

  1. Peter Bell says:

    pssssst, the queen is 90, pass it on

  2. derekthrower says:

    Well at a moment like this. I would expect our political leaders to put on their ties and do them up and sing the National Anthem !!!

  3. Is Tony leaning to the right?

    • Peter Bell says:

      highly unlikely – tho’ it might be better for the local Labour party , Croydon & even himself if he were less “tribalistic” and more “all encompassing”, dare i say it “Centreist”. (this would probably be more representative of most of the electorate that he currently represents) – however, breath not being held at this end – ho hum.

  4. Peter Rogers says:

    Croydon unsafe? Nah the bodyguards are just a fashion statement

  5. farmersboy says:

    Oh God here comes Gavin. Pretend nothing’s happening

  6. Let’s ask her to open the Hammersfield development.

  7. derekthrower says:

    In the long run everyone is dead. Lets give the HIghlander a call for the opening?

  8. The picture is fascinating for symmetries and asymmetries. Two leaning in to frame the Mayor but one clearly separate. Three looking into the camera but one not. Three with their hands folded in front but one not. One with a tie, the others not. Three males one female. A flagpole but no flag. Only symmetry really is 2 Labour and 2 Cons united in celebrating Her Majesty’s 90th. A possible caption ” Photographing politicians is a bigger challenge than herding cats”.

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