Ice hockey team swaps controversial title for handgun name

South London’s leading ice hockey team goes into the new season having dropped its controversial nickname.

Streatham's out-dated logo will be missing from the team's uniforms on the ice this season

Streatham’s out-dated logo will be missing from the team’s uniforms on the ice this season

Streatham have decided to abandon “Redskins”, which has been part of the club’s nomenclature for more than 40 years, but which today is widely regarded as unacceptable, outdated and racist.

Ahead of Streatham’s first league fixture of the season against Chelmsford … wait for it… Chieftans, the south London club has announced the outcome of a poll among its fans for a new nickname and will be adopting “Redhawks”.

“Redhawk” is a model name for a brand of handgun. The ice hockey club says it will use the new nickname for marketing purposes. Naturally.

In the United States, the Washington NFL American football franchise continues to court controversy by maintaining its nickname, despite widespread opposition because it is seen as promoting misunderstanding and prejudice.

Closer to home, Streatham announced on its website: “We received many excellent suggestions (and some we can’t print) for a new name to replace the Redskins but the overwhelming favourite has been to simply revert back to the original Streatham IHC.

“This was our name from our formation in 1932 to 1973, when Redskins was added.

“We also believe that by having a nickname we will be able to excite the imagination of our younger fans and it will present us with greater options for promotional materials. We will produce a secondary logo to reflect the nickname.

“We were blown away by how many people got involved in the voting from start to finish. It’s always difficult to find a name that sounds right, after decades of something else.”

Streatham’s first three fixtures at their new(ish) home rink are:

Sat Sep 17: Streatham v Chelmsford
Sun Sep 25: Streatham v London Raiders
Sat Oct 1: Streatham v Invicta Dynamos

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  1. croydonres says:

    As Streatham means, in Anglo Saxon, “Street hamlet” (on the Roman Road or Street from London to Lewes via Streatham, Waddon, Purley, Caterham and Godstone to Lewes) perhaps they could call themselves the “Romans”.

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