The day I cried over my child’s nursery’s ‘Lockdown Policy’

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Much has been made since Saturday night’s atrocities around Borough Market and London Bridge about how the capital has carried on as normal. But as KIRSTIE SMITH asks, how can we do ‘normal’ when even children’s nurseries in Croydon are now under ‘lockdown’?

I am angry.

Even this morning, more than 60 hours after Saturday’s terror attacks, parts of the London Bridge area remain cordoned off

I’m angry about the terrorist attack in London on Saturday night.

For me, this one seems more personal. Just like the tram crash last year, the pictures shown were of places I know, places I pass regularly. It feels all too personal and hits that little bit harder.

I travel over London Bridge eight times a week. Commuting to The City four days a week, my usual route over the bridge is either by bus or on foot. I don’t like the Tube.

I make no bones in admitting that I won’t get it unless I have to, as the thought of being caught underground and not being able to get out scares me.

So I choose to travel above ground, making my journey longer, because it makes me feel safer.

Floral tributes have been laid at street corners near London Bridge

But now what? I wasn’t at work yesterday but I needed to commute in today, and I didn’t want to go. Not because I don’t like my job, but because I don’t want to commute. I’m scared.

There are a whole host of questions going through my mind that I can never answer and nothing makes sense.

I have nothing but praise for our amazing emergency services and seeing more police around is comforting. After the Manchester bombing, I welcomed the sight of police at the top of the platform slopes at East Croydon Station and on the concourse at London Bridge. If they are armed, I’m all for it.

The crux came yesterday when I received an email from my children’s nursery.

Based in Croydon, they sent an email to parents advising us of their “Lockdown Policy”.

I’ll admit it made me cry.

What has this world come to when a day nursery for under-fours needs a Lockdown Policy? That they have a plan in place comforts me and I am grateful that the safety of my children and others is their top priority – well, it is their job. They take it seriously and I’m grateful and I’ve told them so.

Roads around the Borough remain closed this morning

While this isn’t about politics, I think the General Election on Thursday should have been postponed or cancelled, and instead all efforts put into combating terrorism and keeping this country safe.

Many disagree with me, and I keep hearing “but that would mean the terrorists win”. Win?

This isn’t a game. It’s not a football match. It’s not a game of Top Trumps. There are no winners and losers.

These are real people’s lives that are being mindlessly cut short because this country does not have the balls to stand up for itself and do something. Yet again, we’ve heard that the first two terrorists to have been identified from Saturday night’s attack were known to police. They were on the “watch list”.

The government should be doing something about it. Spouting “enough is enough” isn’t good enough. Enough was enough after Westminster and after Manchester, but still it continues.

Words are cheap, action requires gumption, it requires a backbone and it requires investment in our police and intelligence services.

Maybe if these resources were prioritised it wouldn’t be necessary for a day nursery in Croydon to have a Lockdown Policy and parents may not have to explain to their kids that there are some very bad men that have hurt people. Again.

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