Private Eye makes a 999 police call over ‘The Godfather’

Inspector Knacker, the satirical fortnightly’s nickname for the police, should “log in and feel some digital collars” at Croydon Council, according to the latest edition of Private Eye magazine.

Private Eye: calling for involvement of Inspector Knacker

The Godfather scandal at Fisher’s Folly, where assistant chief executive Graham Cadle has overseen payments within his department of £787.36 per day to a family friend, has made it to the lead item in the magazine’s Rotten Boroughs column.

Croydon Council hasn’t enjoyed this kind of national exposure since Nathan Elvery was in charge of the procurement of bus transport for the borough’s disabled children. Whatever happened to him?

The latest Eye focuses on how, thanks to Cadle, “Harry” Singh is getting paid at a rate of almost £200,000 per year, despite his less-than-stellar association with the council’s “crap app”, MyCroydon.

It was Cadle who, under his senior officer’s delegated authority, had first hired Singh for the crap app, without the decision being subject to any discussion or scrutiny by the council’s elected members.

How Croydon has made it to the lead item in the Rotten Boroughs column this issue

And as Inside Croydon reported exclusively last week, Cadle just happens to be the godfather to Singh’s child.

The child’s mother is Karen Sullivan, the head of revenues and benefits at Croydon Council, which also falls under Cadle’s overview.

Neither Cadle, Sullivan nor Singh declared their personal relationships before Singh was hired.

Meanwhile, the council’s £185,000 chief executive, Jo Negrini, and the council leader, Tony Newman, have failed to address some of the serious questions arising from the conduct of such a senior official.

If, as Lord Gnome suggests, the police do become involved, then Negrini and Newman may not be able to exercise the mute option any longer.

Indeed, Knacker of the Yard might want to know why Negrini and the Borough Solicitor, Jacqueline Harris-Baker, failed to bring the potential misuse of considerable sums of public money to the attention of the police sooner, such as when the council carried out its own little internal investigation earlier this year.

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6 Responses to Private Eye makes a 999 police call over ‘The Godfather’

  1. Next stop – Daily Mail!

  2. Nick Mattey says:

    Croydon’s bid to overtake Sutton for Rotten Boroughs appearances and visits by Inspector Knacker is underway.

    As Council Tax-payers can go to prison for non-payment of Council Tax it is important that any alleged misuse of this money is thoroughly investigated.

    • surrey21 says:

      Non payment of council tax is a clear crime, and a (non) tax payer could see themselves in jail if they fail to take avoiding action at the many opportunities they will be offered.

      This expenditure is only alledged to be inappropriate, and only seems to be viewed as misuse because either the end product didn’t work very well, or the programme the cap is working on is delayed.

      It’s hardly the same kettle fish old chap.

      Next stop Daily Mail? I think we’re already here some days…

      But yes, a prompt and straight forward account of what has happened by the council would be the best way to respond to this issue.

      • ivancompo says:

        Non payment of council tax is a civil matter.
        From Croydon Council’s Disciplinary procedure: “Gross misconduct…
        (iv) Corrupt or improper practices. Examples include: improper use of official position for personal and/or financial advantage, or for the private advantage of some other person or organisation; failing to disclose private interests which conflict with the Council’s interests.”

  3. derekthrower says:

    Come on come on
    Hurry up Harry come on
    Come on come on
    Hurry up Harry come on
    The council is going to the Dogs.

  4. Council whistleblower says:

    There was more being under swept the carpet by Croydon Council this summer.

    What’s the point of having a whistleblower policy and then just ignoring genuine whistleblowers?

    Despicable treatment of the disabled, gay, ethnic minorities (their own employees) by senior figures paid their wages by public money and with a duty of care. Glad the national media are catching on – and there’s still more to come out as other things are being escalated.

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