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Council’s IT chief to join consultants who landed £5m contract

At least one senior council employee may have discovered an ability to act as a ‘rainmaker’ for private business, as KEN LEE reports The revolving door between Fisher’s Folly, Croydon Council’s head offices, and contractors who get juicy contracts from … Continue reading

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Government expert named as council’s new chief digital officer

Neil Williams, the deputy director at the Government Digital Service, who is a resident of the north of the borough and a Crystal Palace football fan, has been named as Croydon Council’s new chief digital officer. Williams comes highly recommended … Continue reading

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Council ‘Godfather’ lands £100,000-plus job in Basingstoke

Croydon Council’s Godfather has found himself a new job. Graham Cadle, the sometime assistant chief exec at Fisher’s Folly, left Croydon Council at the start of the year apparently tired of being reminded that the crap app (© Inside Croydon) … Continue reading

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Council kills off the crap app – after wasting up to £500,000

For five years, this website has reported on the failings of the council’s procurement and operation of MyCroydon, including paying £787 per day to the ‘mastermind’ behind the smartphone app. STEVEN DOWNES reports, the council has now finally binned the … Continue reading

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Here’s just one of the questions Jo Negrini refuses to answer

Town Hall reporter KEN LEE on an outbreak of control-freakery and censorship over the conduct of the chief executive and senior council staff Jo Negrini, Croydon’s vigorously self-promoting £185,000 a year chief executive, likes to give the impression that she … Continue reading

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CEO Negrini threatened legal action to protect The Godfather

There’s even more fall-out in the council’s botched attempt to cover-up the £787 per day IT consultant nepotism scandal Jo Negrini, the council’s chief executive, threatened to use tax-payers’ money to sue this website on behalf of Graham Cadle, “The … Continue reading

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Councillors accuse Negrini of gagging them over The Godfather

A leaked email from the council chief executive suggests she is trying to cover-up her attempted cover-up of the sudden departure of three senior employees. STEVEN DOWNES reports Elected councillors, already angry at being left uninformed of important developments at … Continue reading

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