Sutton’s LibDems start campaigning on their green credentials

The Viridor incinerator at Beddington Lane continues to undergo trials. It doesn’t rate a mention in the LibDems’ leaflets

BELLE MONT, our Sutton reporter, on an outbreak of leafleting in Beddington by the LibDems, who somehow have forgotten to mention their industrial scale incinerator

Sutton’s polluting, thieving and cage-fighting Liberal Democrat councillors and ex-councillors have swung into action, with households in Beddington having orange-tinted Focus leaflets thrust through their letter boxes. Some residents in Beddington North ward claim that this is the first that they have heard from the two LibDem councillors for… possibly four years, since the last time they needed their votes.

Given the manifold issues facing south London councils in 2018, the lead item chosen for campaigning by the LibDem candidates in Beddington North seems a little… well, wooden.

“New trees set to be planted in Beddington” is the main headline on the Spring 2018 Focus leaflet from Nighat Piracha, Pat Ali, MP Tom Brake and former Sutton mayor Brendan Hudson.

Is this the best that they have got to offer?

Given #SuttonBinShame, the LibDems are hardly going to want to mention the worse-than-rubbish service residents have been getting with their new bin collection system, or the cleanliness of the streets.

So a little distraction must be in order, not to mention some pretty dodgy claims.

The “new trees” amount to 10 trees for Mallison Road. Which is hardly an outstanding achievement for the local community in the four years since Piracha and Ali were elected to the council. But according to their leaflet, this is the most important thing that they have done since 2014.

The LibDems’ leaflet. An incinerator-free zone. Unlike Beddington

Mallison Road happens to be about half a mile from the Viridor incinerator on Beddington Lane, a £250million facility due to become fully operational later this year – thanks to the backing of Brake and Sutton’s LibDems.

The incinerator was proposed by the South London Waste Partnership, of Sutton, Croydon, Merton and Kingston.

As one environmental campaigner who has opposed the incinerator from the start said, “The planting of 10 trees just 1,000 metres from the incinerator is pure LibDem tokenism. The whole of south london would need to be turned into a forest to absorb the incinerator’s CO2 emissions.”

With no hint of shame over the environmental damage their incinerator could cause across south London, the Beddington LibDems use their leaflet to claim to be the capital’s greenest borough.

Who says so? Why, no less an authority than the Sutton Guardian… the same freebie newspaper which bumps along with barely any journalists on its staff, yet rakes in tens of thousands of pounds every year from publishing official notices on behalf of Sutton’s Liberal Democrat-run council.

The freesheet’s greenest borough space-filler was taken from a press release issued not by any paragon of environmental science or academic institution, but by an office cleaning firm based in Dagenham, which had done its own survey in a pitch for business in the area.

But hey, that’s good enough for Sutton’s LibDems, who appear increasingly desperate for anything positive to say at all about their 28-year rule over the borough.

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  1. Lewis White says:

    The tree planting is probably being funded by Viridor anyway. Shame, Sutton was once a pioneer green council, but was quick to get rid of environmental design and management staff back in the 80s before most councils started a similar course of action. It sits badly with their supposed eco friendly image.

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