BINMAGEDDON!: One house, nine bins. Is this a record?

Someone needs to call in Ross and Norris McWhirter. Or Roy Castle. Or whoever it is that runs the Guinness Book of Records these days.

Is this a record-breaker?

This one house in East Croydon has NINE wheelie bins.

Surely that’s a record, even in the Binmageddon borough of Croydon?

The  house, like so many in the borough, has been cut up into flats. Four of them.

And someone at Veolia, the council’s rubbish contractors, managed to work out that between them, the occupiers would need nine wheelie bins.

One of the residents said today, “The house in the photo is common in houses on my street. Will some of them be removed?

“The occupiers in my building are using all the bins, but they’re not all being emptied. And who can blame the bin men? Crazy situation.”


But can Inside Croydon’s loyal reader offer any photographic evidence where Councillor Stuart Collins and the bin men have gone over the top in the creation of #CroydonBinChaos and provided one property with more than nine bins?

If you do, you know where to contact us…

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9 Responses to BINMAGEDDON!: One house, nine bins. Is this a record?

  1. mikebweb says:

    Well the 9 bins in East Croydon is repeated all over the borough where houses are in multiple tenure also where in single occupancy and with no rear or side access, ie Terrace Houses.
    We all know that the council did not think this through properly and we now have to live with the result, not only of multiple new bins that are half or a quarter filled for each collection but of the old, square, boxes left everywhere.
    Even properties in more affluent parts of the borough are not exempt and one notices that on The Whitgift Estate people are beginning to use the front garden as a bin store.

    SImply put they just have too many!!

    So, CROYDON COUNCIL, collect the surplus back up and store them in YOUR yard – not ours!

  2. I can almost beat that – we returned from holiday to find that ALL our eight bins had been stickered as recycling bins leaving the four flats in the house nowhere to put our general waste. I phoned Croydon Council who stated that I needed to ring a number and request four new (smaller) general waste bins. When I pointed out that we would then have twelve bins, the lady simply agreed with me. Needless to say, we removed some of the stickers and carried on using our old general waste bins as, well, general waste bins.

  3. Bernard Dainton says:

    9? Pfft! I can send photographic evidence of a house opposite us in South Norwood that has 11 if you tell me where to send it to (don’t seem to be able to attach it to this post!)

  4. I think they need a garden bin or 3.

    The cynic in me thinks the oversized paper / old wheelie bins for glass etc suggests our glorious council may soon change recycling to monthly collections.

    I’m one of those who had the new bins removed last week (terraced street, like many streets in Croydon). Back to boxes it is.

    • Nicola Edwards says:

      HI Paul, we also had a letter telling us we would have our bins removed but no time frame. Did they just turn up and take them? Had you put recycling in them? As usual no real information in the letter!

  5. Nick Davies says:

    I’ve said before, what’s wrong with communal facilities emptied daily in each street in high density areas? Lots of continental cities have such systems. Or would the loss of a parking space for every couple of dozen houses be too much to bear?

  6. Lewis White says:

    No ! Nick, can’t you imagine the squalid halo of filth that would surround each communal bin?. And the bashing and clashing of bins every day , no doubt at 5 in the morning and 10 at night?

  7. Nick Davies says:

    These things work perfectly well if properly managed….oh…err..Croydon…..OK…I take your point.

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