Meet the council’s Gangs Team workshop, CVA, Jun 20

Croydon’s gangs team, part of the council’s youth offending service, is hosting a Meet The Gangs Team event at Croydon Voluntary Action next month.

The meeting is part of the Choose Your Future campaign which works against serious youth violence and helps young people make positive choices.

This meeting will take place on Thursday June 20, from 10.30am to 12.30pm.

This is the fifth event organised in collaboration with the CVA to help voluntary groups and those working with young people understand the reasons why young people join gangs, and the support in place to divert them away from a gang lifestyle.

The team use these events to highlight the support they offer to gang members, as well as sharing resources it has produced for voluntary and community groups to use.

The one-hour Every Child Matters workshops look at County Lines, drug dealing, knife crime, robbery, victims of moped enabled crime, sexual bullying, stop and search, homophobia and gangs.

The gangs team also host regular 45-minute sessions on gang awareness, which are open to professionals working in schools, colleges, and groups working with young people.

The sessions define what a gang is, their activities and the factors that lead young people to join them. They also explain the work of the gangs team, and offers advice on prevention services.

The team also use these meetings to show how it assists entrenched gang members in to education training and employment, as well as challenging their behaviour and safeguarding them.

June’s Meet The Gangs Team event at the CVA can be booked via Eventbrite. Click here.

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  1. trinityofjwmum says:

    How will this event be policed and the safety of ensure the safety of those attending?

    It would be good to see the Whitgift charity schools become more involved in such initiatives and outreach projects, which could extend to allowing gang members to use the facilities on the weekends instead of hanging around on street corners drug dealing and getting up to mischief. It would be a complete win-win for the schools as they could even identify a few youths each year for bursaries and sports scholarships, which should be free and all fees waived in my opinion. I am not the only independent school parent who would like to see such a scheme introduced. There was a time when direct-grants gave some of our most underprivileged children an opportunity to attend a top public school.

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