Creatura shows his contempt for public by backing Cummings

Dominic Cummings can rest easy. Coulsdon councillor Mario Creatura reckons he did no wrong.

The Star’s ‘do whatever the hell you want and sod everybody else’ Dominic Cummings mask

Creatura, who worked in Downing Street as Theresa Mayhem’s Twitter monitor, must now surely be ranked as only the second-worst government special adviser in the history of mankind.

Chris Philp, the Conservative MP for Croydon South, has maintained a studied silence since the weekend, refusing to condemn or condone the actions of Cummings.

Cummings, the Prime Minister’s controversial chief of staff, has become a figure of ridicule and public distrust over his irrational and provably false account that sought to excuse his breaking of the the strict rules for the pandemic lockdown in order to drive 260 miles to Durham, and then by taking his car on a 60-mile round-trip to a tourist spot on his wife’s birthday to “test his eyesight”.

But Tory councillor Creatura has decided to announce to anyone who might be interested that, as far as he is concerned, “Based on his detailed statement it’s clear Dominic Cummings acted reasonably.”

Unlike Creatura, a Daily Mail front-page headline this week was: “What planet are you on?”, while the Daily Star, another newspaper not noted for its rampant criticism of the Tories, today led with a story that confirmed that it is illegal to drive, under any circumstances, when you can’t see. Especially so if you have a four-year-old child in the back.

Creatura shows his contempt for the public with his support for Cummings

The Star even offered their readers a special, cut-out-and-keep Dominic Cummings “do whatever the hell you want and sod everybody else” mask.

Public opinion polls show Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s approval ratings have fallen by 9 per cent in a week – a record-breaking drop.

But the gullible Creatura is convinced that Cummings, the architect of the successful Vote Leave campaign, did no wrong.

“He sought out medical advice and followed the rules – something many of the journalists at his statement accepted,” Creatura tweeted, attributing views to journalists which appear to fly in the face of any reality.

It seems that Creatura may still be on some Downing Street Tory WhatsApp groups, because he appears to have cut-and-pasted the party line that those in Johnson’s inner circle were keen to push out after the car-crash announcement by Cummings from the garden of No10 on Monday.

“It’s time for us to all move on,” the Tory loyalist duly tweeted.

Not everyone seems to agree, however. For more than 30 Conservative MPs, Cummings’ statement on Monday just made an already bad situation worse, and they have called for Cummings to be sacked. One junior government minister resigned.

Elliot Colburn’s letter, sent to the Prime Minister last night

And yesterday, Elliot Colburn, the MP for Carshalton and Wallington, changed his position when he wrote to Johnson “to urge you to ask for Dominic Cummings’ resignation, or to remove him from Government directly”.

Colburn gave as a reason for his letter that he has “received more emails on this than on any other issue since being elected – many hundreds of messages from concerned residents – and I join them in that view”.

Like Colburn, Creatura was a Conservative candidate in the General Election last December (standing in Croydon Central).

Unlike Colburn, Creatura lost.

With such contempt for the public and their opinion as he has shown this week, it is obvious why.

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7 Responses to Creatura shows his contempt for public by backing Cummings

  1. sebastian tillinger says:

    This is from the person who published a homophobic Harry Potter spoof that conflated being gay with paedophilia.

    You can read about it here:

    Creatura: nobody is listening to you now and nor will they should you ever get given a Conservative seat to stand for again (which I doubt will happen).


    I am the great truth-bender, that’s the job I do,
    When reality is harsh, I will make it soft for you.
    I can re-write the history of anything that hurts
    And if I’m caught out lying, I’ll just call the media jerks
    And if they are persistent and publicise their views,
    I know you’ll be on hand to scream ‘beware fake news’.
    I will protect my master, no matter what it takes
    And he does the same me, as we are the best of mates.
    If I get caught out being where I should not be
    I know he will respond that he’s sure it wasn’t me.
    Should there be a witness to connect my face and name,
    Don’t worry, the establishment will say I’m not to blame
    But if mistakes were made, I’ll say that things weren’t sure
    And should my assertions fail, we’ll just re-write the law.
    Mine’s the greatest job to have for those of male gender
    You can lie through your pants, when you’re the great truth-bender

  3. Mike Buckley says:

    Regrettably the Cummings issue is MOB JUSTICE, and that is wrong!
    The Police should (may be now still can)asked to investigate and if a case is proved apply the maximum legal sanctions due to his position, not a quick slap on the wrist. The press have incited the public as they stand shoulder to shoulder, physically and actually, outside his home. They should also be spoken to by the police for not distancing, as required, the rest of us do, what is that they have that we dont?

    • Utter nonsense.
      The police are investigating.
      The press is doing its job.

    • sebastian tillinger says:

      The term MOB JUSTICE does not sit well with the experience everyone in this country is having to endure. Cumming’s day job is to play off events and data to a political end; some would says it’s the height of arrogance to use this to explain your personal actions too.

      Cummings is Johnson’s weakness. The one thing public school taught Johnson is to employ the very best advisers at any cost. It screen all your own inadequacies. He did the same at City Hall.

      The one thing Eton didn’t teach him was how to judge character.

    • Dan Maertens says:

      Or maybe, the version of events that we are being force-fed and told not to complain about is diktat.

      Which is the very reason that we have a press in this country, one that is prepared to ask questions, investigate, probe, examine, analyse, and reach a different conclusion. When a yarn is spun that relies on so much twisting and contortion to support it, most people will smell a rat. When those that then rely on the confection to maintain their position close down all attempts at dialogue, then we start to enter a rather different, and possibly a more dangerous place. To have allowed that to happen at a time of national crisis is at the very least an error of judgment; whether it will prove to be a catastrophic one, only time will tell.

      For Mr Cummings to have used that part of the guidance that was clearly meant for those at real risk of harm is disingenuous and highly disrespectful to all of those who really do need to use it as a ‘reasonable excuse’.

      He should have stayed at home. Had he done so, he might have found that in North London, just like here in Central Croydon, there is fantastic network of community volunteers on his doorstep who would be only too willing to help out and support him and his family through this crisis, people that he doesn’t even know, and now probably never will.

      It’s his loss, and it might not be the only one.

  4. There is another “mob” who are probably more pernicious than those on the crowded pavement (although that is not safe) and those are the mealy mouthed politicians they are wheeling out to say it was ok to drive to a low infection from a high infection one, whilst believing you had a Covid -19 virus carrier, whom you live with, in the car! Now, with things apparently abating, we are told, it is our civic duty to stay inside if you may have had some relatively more limited contact with a person who isn’t even identified to you. How can both these things equate? What sort of logic is that Mr Cummings? There can be no doubt that your actions, and those who continue to support you, continue to undermine our chances of recovery. I think any commentators need to seriously think about distancing themselves – from support for Cummings’ actions and his subsequent attempts at cover-up.

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