Croydon in Crisis: The questions the council refuses to answer

Council staff based in Fisher’s Folly had their questions ignored last week

Frontline council staff, having already this year been put through one “reorganisation” – meaning more than 400 job cuts – now believe that there are more jobs to be axed.

Seeking reassurance, these are just some of the questions which staff submitted for the “open” briefing session with Katherine Kerswell, the interim CEO, and Hamida Ali, the leader of the council, last Thursday.

Strangely, none of the following questions, submitted by staff, were addressed by the council leadership:

  • How many more jobs are at risk?
  • Will the council try to sell Fisher’s Folly?
  • What other assets is the council considering selling?
  • Colm Lacey at Brick by Brick has been using an expensively hired public relations company to make public statements about payments to the council which contradict the chief finance officer, Lisa Taylor, and the auditors’ Report in the Public Interest. What action will the council, as owners of Brick by Brick, be taking over this?

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3 Responses to Croydon in Crisis: The questions the council refuses to answer

  1. Hans Mien says:

    Biggest question yet! : pensions may be ring fenced or placed within other capital funding for now. However they are pretty much tweaked and adjusted yearly resulting in working longer and getting less in return. Long term this is unsustainable because there is not enough money in the pot period. The US has the same problem even with emergency services and teachers, They went from only having $1 in $6 for every contribution to now $1 per $13. ‘Who stole my pension’

  2. Kevin says:

    What is Lacey up to? I’ve seen it mentioned that he is trying to flog off Brick by Brick. I can imagine that some professional development companies might be interested in coming in to pick over the bones, but who would be interested in the man responsible for the shambles?

  3. Council staffer says:

    As a Croydon employee I was included the virtual meetings you mention.
    Your reports are spot on in describing the one sided discussion/s. We submitted loads of messages we wanted answers to yet they cherry picked and avoided anything contentious. Such as why are those, who allowed the previous executive leadership, who allowed the leader and his cronies to act recklessly with the finances, still in place. Leader Ali is guilty in being involved in that debacle. Now I suspect worse is to come for the workers, who incidentally were/are part of the front line, supporting the vulnerable and elderly being discharged from hospital, and regularly exposed to infection.
    The likes of Negrini, Newman and their cabal need to be examined for fraudulent activities, the rest should hang their heads in shame and leave.

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