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Neighbours start legal challenge over Brick by Brick ‘bias’

A group of neighbours in South Norwood have started a crowd-funding appeal to raise money to pay for a legal challenge against Croydon council and planning chair Paul Scott over a Brick by Brick development which will overshadow their homes. … Continue reading

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Negrini blocks Town Hall question on her jaunt to MIPIM

Jo Negrini’s sensitivities over questions about her jaunt to the South of France last month, where she attended the champagne-soaked MIPIM conference with international property developers, has seen the council’s unaccountable CEO not only refuse to answer letters from residents, … Continue reading

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Newman approved council’s £17,000 trip to Cannes ‘junket’

WALTER CRONXITE reports on how Croydon’s unaccountable chief executive refuses to answer enquiries from Council Tax-payers, while the council leader ignores uncomfortable questions from voters The trip to the South of France last month to a property speculators’ conference taken … Continue reading

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Negrini’s council has 20 execs paid more than £100,000

Jo Negrini’s empire-building at Fisher’s Folly has seen Croydon’s unaccountable chief exec increase the number of council employees paid £100,000, while her own pay package has soared to more than £200,000. The figures are based on research conducted by The … Continue reading

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Pollard’s manifesto makes election a question of honesty

ELECTION COUNTDOWN: Four years ago, the Conservatives in Croydon demonstrated their contempt for the electorate by not even bothering with a manifesto. This time round, as political editor WALTER CRONXITE reports, what they have produced is simply not very credible … Continue reading

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Unaccountable Negrini breaks silence over £17,000 Cannes trip

Jo Negrini, the council chief executive who refuses to answer questions from Croydon Council Tax-payers or elected councillors about what she might have achieved for the borough by spending a week on the beach in the South of France at … Continue reading

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Lacey’s wooden plans only build-in problems for the future

CROYDON COMMENTARY: A council-owned house-builder which has yet to build a single house is already talking about diversifying into other areas of the construction trade. It makes CHARLES CALVIN feel very nervous I get increasingly nervous about Brick by Brick … Continue reading

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