97% of south-west London covid patients are unvaccinated

Under pressure: hospital admissions with covid are almost all from unvaccinated people

Nearly every adult hospitalised with covid-19 in Croydon and south-west London over the past two months had not been fully vaccinated with two doses and a booster.

Local operational figures for five major NHS hospitals in this part of London in October and November show that 97 per cent of the adults being confined to hospital with covid-19 symptoms were not fully vaccinated with their first, second and booster dose.

The figures, from Croydon’s Mayday, St George’s Hospital in Tooting, Kingston Hospital, Epsom Hospital and St Helier Hospital, also show that having the two doses plus the top-up meant people were eight times less likely to get seriously ill with covid.

The data was collected by the South West London Infection, Prevention and Control Forum.

Jabbed: there have been concerns raised about the poor take-up of the covid vaccine in Croydon

The data further highlighted that having had even one dose of the vaccine meant people were half as likely to be admitted to hospital because of covid-19, while having two doses meant people were three times less likely to be admitted to hospital because of the virus.

Dr Nicola Jones, a local GP and clinical lead for south-west London’s vaccination programme, said: “These figures highlight the importance of covid-19 vaccinations and, with Omicron cases rising, I would urge everyone not to delay having their booster to top up their immunity and help keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

“It is also a reminder that it is never late too late to get vaccinated.

“The offer from the NHS is evergreen, so please do not hesitate to come forward to give yourself as much protection as possible – we’re making it as easy as we can to get jabbed with a host of clinics across south-west London.”

Over the next week, opening hours for local vaccine centres are being extended and the number of appointments in place is being increased.

Online bookings are available for everyone aged 18 and over.

More than 19million booster doses have already been delivered in England.

Appointments can be made online through the national booking service, by clicking here.

Going up: the latest figures for positive covid cases reported in Croydon shows a rapid increase over the past week

People are asked to keep checking availability as more appointments are loaded on to the system every day.

Alternatively, call 119.

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5 Responses to 97% of south-west London covid patients are unvaccinated

  1. The NHS website shows a Croydon North-South divide on vaccinations take-up, with the north showing a low take-up. Take up low in New Addington. Can someone please tell me why?

  2. James says:

    The problem with plotting data to look for this answer is knowing if relationships just correlate, or are causal.


    The north south has a wealth divide
    The north south has an age divide (retired Vs working age or children)
    The north south has an ethnicity divide

    The real reason is of course that the north of the borough just has more people who don’t want to get vaccinated than the south of the borough.

  3. James M McHatton says:

    I’m sorry that the doctors and nurses have to work like crazy to save the lives of people who think that they are special and that the virus won’t effect them I think the time has come to say to these people if you can’t be bothered to help yourselves and your lived ones then you must pay for the privilege of having the above people who save your life. Send them the bill

    • Simon Squires says:

      I have had 2 doses of the vaccine and have strong antibodies (as per a test last week). As a result I am holding off on a booster until the next iteration is produced in March which has been enhanced for omicron. I find comments like this very unhelpful stating people who aren’t vaccinated should pay for healthcare. Are you also suggesting the same for people who are obese, drink too much, cause traffic accidents, smoke or take drugs?

      It should also be remembered that a lot of people who are not vaccinated have made this decision because they have previously had covid, so have natural immunity which is as good, if not superior to the current vaccines. I know that this is the case with a lot of key workers.

  4. Chris Flynn says:

    What % of the poor affected COVID patients were eligible to be fully vaccinated with two doses and a booster two weeks prior to their hospitalisation? It’s a leading/rhetorical question, because I know the full rollout to adults has only recently started, and even those trying to get their ASAP are having to wait for appointments (which is of course understandable with a population the size of the UK!). Does it make sense to ‘victim shame’ people for not getting something they couldn’t? Why not have a stat says 100% of COVID patients haven’t had 10 vaccinations? How can we compare eight times, when there’s not a level playing field?
    I fully support the intent (I’m firmly pro-vaccine, and have been supportive of the lockdowns to date), but I’m slightly uneasy about the way these figures have been presented in this instance.

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