One year on, Hamida Ali’s latest apologies on Regina Road

‘To improve the conditions in people’s homes, the tenants have to pay for it… How is that fair?’

ITV News’ DANIEL HEWITT last night broadcast a follow-up to the investigation into conditions in council flats in South Norwood which caused a national scandal. That included a brief excerpt from an interview with the leader of Croydon Council. Here is the recording of the full interview

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5 Responses to One year on, Hamida Ali’s latest apologies on Regina Road

  1. moyagordon says:

    Hamida Ali certainly has the gift of the gab. Couldn’t really pick out many facts relating to housing improvements though.

    • Dr David J Mole says:

      Muppet. Meaningless word salad and shameful lack of engagement or contrition. . Prob a nice person but utterly unqualified/incapable.

  2. Colin Cooper says:

    It’s amazing how there is never any mention of Croydon LABOUR Council blowing out £1.7 billion of RESIDENTS money on vanity projects, that finally led to the situation Croydon is currently in, namely bankrupt and expecting the local residents, whose money they misused to play failing markets with, to bail them out and ‘understand’ the position they have dumped us in! Thank God the local elections will hopefully see the back of this bunch of muppets!

    • That’s probably, Colin, because that is not true.
      Point one: the council’s debt mountain is around £1.5billion, and not the amount you have over-stated. £200million is a lot to be out by.
      Point two: the council did not go bankrupt because of its debt. Few organisations ever do. It issued its S114 notice in November 2020 because they could not balance their budget as they were £63million short due to covid and Brick by Brick.
      Point three: the council has not used anyone’s money “to play failing markets”. They have used low-interest borrowing to buy property, which has not been a “failing market” in this part of the country for the whole of you, or my, lifetime. Indeed, the investment in businesses along the Purley Way, including the Colonnades, appears to be making steady returns.

      Now, about the £150million that Croydon Tories squandered on a shiny new council office block, paying three times the property’s real worth, and the £1billion of debt that they left in 2014. Fancy talking about that?

  3. Ian Kierans says:

    Having listened to that whole monologue interspersed with the unanswered questions from the Daniel, the first three words that came out of my mouth were definitely well into the range of unprintable and far beyond sacrilegious.
    Fundamentally in summary
    ITV highlighted what many had known for a decade – that repairs are few, buildings are falling apart and Axis went missing along with oversight of that contract. The situation was worse in the private sector at the bottom end in the north of the Borough. Environmental health? Landlord compliance? Landlord Licensing? Remember that the Council, Landlords and the Police signed the section of Anti Social Behaviour – I can state quite clearly and openly say that it was a joke of enforcement failure from both playing pass the parcel and not much change since.

    12 Months later? Ali is still talking about talking! Not to mention some statements rocketing over the line of outright avoidance of real truth.

    To use the words of Ms Ali ”One relevant point” Not one decision, not a single act or intervention by Councillors and most importantly Ms Kerswell and her Executive team has led to any material action on those immediate issues. Two interims and £millions later nothing achieved.

    Except one classic decision – raise rents and tax. Let us be real here. We are paying that bill for their actions. Was this on the ”advice” of Mr T McArdle and Co to Ms Kerswell?

    It is easy to shoot the messenger and that is what Ms Ali is – She was put in front of the Verbal Guns to be shot at.

    She was put in as leader not because she was the strong Leader type but as a front for the rest of sorry bunch lot too self serving to come out and justify their actions and decisions in the hope that they can sail under the radar come election time. Or so they can ”retire” and hope the manure will not follow them.

    On that we as a basic require a full and very immediate public inquiry into both the Councillors and the Executive so that they are held to account.

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