Council’s rubbish collection calendars only available online

Taking out the rubbish: there will be no collection calendars delivered this year

The annual bin collection calendar has been released, but this year the cash-strapped council is only making the charts available on its website, rather than delivering the helpful at-a-glance guide to every household.

This is nothing to do with a drive to reduce the amount of paper recycling going straight into the furnaces of the Beddington incinerator.

Times, in case you hadn’t gathered already, are tough. The 2022 rubbish calendar was the last hard-copy version that residents in Croydon will be receiving for a very long while.

And for those without access to a computer or printer at home, Mayor Jason Perry makes the less-than-helpful suggestion of visiting one of the borough’s libraries, most of which he has closed for five days each week in order to save a few bob.

A page on the council website allows residents to enter their postcode and address to get a copy of the collection calendar for their street.

There’s no fundamental changes to the pattern of the fortnightly collection cycles, though the first weekend in May on the calendar carries a big, black asterisk, as the council nor its rubbish contractors, Veolia, have yet worked out when to put the bins out on a coronation bank holiday.

For more information on rubbish and recycling services, visit the council website,” the council suggests.

And the borough’s new Mayor, in his unstinting effort to ensure that there’s a quote from him on even the most rubbishy of council press releases, had this load of old garbage to say, “We are making it easy for residents to get their bin calendars online this year.

“If you need a printed copy for your home and don’t have access to a computer, our library staff are able to help you get one sorted and printed at any of our branches.”

If, of course, the library is open

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11 Responses to Council’s rubbish collection calendars only available online

  1. Sounds another rubbish idea, along with Perry’s war on clean air and litter police. And how come he can’t provide this while he circulates his monthly propaganda leaflet?

  2. The most recent council Cabinet meeting was advised by the head of the external Improvement Board that it will in future be a “minimal council”.

    • Sarah Bird says:

      Frankly I would be hard pressed to tell the difference of a full service offered by the Council and a minimum service . For my experience , there is no service full or otherwise . What about the many residents who are not online ? Where is the equality there ?

    • Ian Kierans says:

      Minimal = of a minimum amount, quantity, or degree. So that would be the reality for all those with Broadband etc.
      Non existant = not existing or not real or present. – That would be the reality for all those without Broadband.
      Somehow yet again this Council discriminates against those less able with impunity.

  3. Alex Winters says:

    The calendar’s not worth the paper it was printed on anyway. Veolia, come (or don’t come) when they choose anyway.

    • The truth is the refuse workers turn up in all weathers and without fail, recycling waste goes one week, and non recyclable the next. I don’t think we can complain too much and it’s on a par with other Boroughs.

      What annoys me is the arrogant assumption that people can travel to libraries for details if they don’t have home internet. Really ? Elderly people in winter when keeping warm is a major challenge. This administration shows little care for vulnerable people, be it in this matter or the callous decision to take away the jobs of people with learning difficulties at Cherry Orchard Garden Centre. One has to question their priorities when it comes to making cuts.

      • Ian Kierans says:

        Sadly the refuse workers do not turn up at the scheduled day on our street not so far from Cherry Orchard.

        Sometimes they turned up the following day.
        They had changed the scheduled day without notice and only placed this on their website.

        All those the following day who went in to raise a report to the Council may have been able to get the bins out in the hope that they had not missed them already. All those without digital access did not have their bins collected.
        There were a number of times that they did not turn up the next day either and a number of days they turned up and did not do the assisted collections.
        This is not on par with other Boroughs overall in London but I do expect the others to follow the ”Improvement Board” levelling down rubbish practice as cuts bite

        I am surprised to learn about what has happened at the Garden Centre and was unaware of this. I had heard that they have cut all the funding for some of the Disability charities and severely cut funding to others.

        I was also surprised to learn that they were still including some of those charitable organisations in their Impact assessments despite being fully aware that they no longer funded them and that the service would cease if it had not already.

        If it is any help to those who lost their jobs. Disability Croydon run a place called Ourspace at 50 High St Croydon.
        Most Mondays they have the Department of work and Pensions Disability Employment Advisors on site from about 10.00. They can help with advice and some assistance to enable people to get back into some employment.

  4. Annabel Smith says:

    The bin timetable is incorrect for my address – has been for over a year. I have been chatting to the councillor Danielle about this so I know she is aware. Some addresses don’t fit on the usual rounds so they tag them into a different round. I hope they will remember us and give us a print out or we will have a difficult time figuring out what day by put our rubbish out.

    • Ian Kierans says:

      You may get referred to the digital service where if you type in your address it gives you your collection day and what to put out.

      There are some things the Digital review team have got done and have improved what is there. There is lots more to do to get the IT to a reasonably poor standard from abysmal but they are working to improve things unlike the Improvement Board.

  5. Susan Mortimer says:

    I have lots of admiration for the workers who clear my bins. This doesn’t extend to the company that employs them.

  6. Joan Brashier says:

    What about the pensioners and people that don’t have a iPad or phone – It’s disgusting just print them and pay someone to deliver them

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