Planners’ misdeeds continue to pile disgrace on our borough

Fisher’s Folly: the planning department appears to be beyond reproach

CROYDON COMMENTARY: After the latest revelations of deceit and delay by the council’s planning department, costing the borough tens of thousands of pounds when supporting a profit-hungry developer, iC reader IAN KIERANS says it is time that the Mayor and chief exec took action in the interests of the residents they serve

Following this week’s report of the four-year saga over a developer’s blatantly unsuitable scheme in Park Hill, there is surely now enough evidence of, at the very least, serial crass incompetence by the council’s planning staff, from the director downwards, for someone to take action?

The report on the Park Hill case is bad enough, but that there are so many other similar cases around the borough should make the council’s planners a disgrace to the term “public official”, a disgrace to those that work so hard within this council past and present and a disgrace to this community.

More importantly, from the evidence of their deceits and delays, they are a clear and present danger to vulnerable residents in this borough.

Planning approval: some council planners have been accused of being too close to some local developers

The whole affair has the whiff about it of a fetid pustulating dung pile.

As long as it is allowed to continue, it will continue to bring the whole council and all its employees into national disrepute.

So here are three questions for Croydon’s Council’s chief executive, Katherine Kerswell, and Mayor Jason Perry:

1, What does a person employed at Croydon Council have to do to be investigated and potentially dismissed without being in receipt of a “full Negrini”?

2, How many legal cases brought against the council, as almost occurred in this case, will it take for an employer – the council – to take action in the public interest? And then, most importantly…

3, Why should Croydon residents have any confidence in any utterance this body makes when such deceitful actions remain unanswered and undisciplined, simply condoned by this executive?

If these questions are not answered by Kerswell and Mayor Perry, perhaps further questions need to be put to the office of Secretary of State Michael Gove.

Just how low does Croydon Council have to go before Gove’s department intervenes?

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5 Responses to Planners’ misdeeds continue to pile disgrace on our borough

  1. Laurence Fisher says:

    Keep a good eye and ear out for a golden handshake to this Kerswell person – she is simply a Negreni with a different grin. And when, not if, it happens, it must be stopped/reclaimed through the courts. Utter, utter #&%*

  2. You have to wonder what she has on our elected representatives that they hesitate to act with rectitude, or is that concept so completely alien to them!

  3. Laurence Fisher says:

    They wouldn’t even be able to make a cup of coffee.

  4. Wayne says:

    When documents were finally released after several months (about the Park Hill development) it was noticeable that the responsiveness and respect to the developer contrasted starkly with the way in which Heather Cheesborough and Nicola Townsend ignored questions and requests for information from residents, even when resubmitted as Freedom of Information requests (and they withheld documents that should have been legally disclosed).

    On top of which they waived just about every planning policy designed to protect existing residents and dismissed residents objections with unfounded claims about the development.

    They seem to operate, not as a planning department, but as a taxpayer-funded consultancy for developers.

  5. Mich says:

    Jason Perry says he is scrapping SPD2 – treating the symptom but not the cause. There has to be change of leadership at the top of the planning department otherwise he and his changes will lack credibility and confidence.

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