‘Beware calls from Croydon Labour’ warns Croydon Labour

Croydon Labour, which has failed to expel anyone responsible for the bankrupting of the borough, has now started to warn its members to do what most residents have been doing for years: ignore calls from Croydon Labour.

Hacked: something dodgy has been going on with Croydon Labour

Anthony Ellis, the official paid by the Labour Party to “organise” campaigning in Croydon, sent his latest panic-strickened memo to anyone and everyone on his distribution list last week.

Ellis warned of dodgy goings-on with their social media. Horror of horrors: Croydon Labour had been hacked!

It was 11.16pm last Monday, August 14, when Ellis sent his little note.

On one of Labour’s many WhatsApp groups, Ellis wrote, in bold print: “Beware of calls or WhatsApp messages purporting to be from Croydon Labour“.

He continued: “A number of local members have received unusual and repeated WhatsApp calls from a number they didn’t recognise requesting that they attend a meeting and/or go through some sort of verification process.

Ellis then went all bold again: “These calls are not from Croydon Labour, if you proceeded with the verification process your phone may be compromised and your number may be being used without your knowledge.

“We currently believe a compromised phone with access to several of our WhatsApp groups allowed a bad actor to obtain member phone numbers. The matter has been reported to the party and to the police.” Which is more than Croydon Labour did when they received hundreds of documents stolen from this website in another hack two years ago…

Ellis continued: “Please let me know if you’ve received unusual calls or texts over the last few days.”

Things go from bad to worse for Ellis and his Croydon Labour colleagues, as they have now even started to “Like” tweets – messages sent on the Elon Musk X platform – that have been sent by Croydon Conservatives.

Crowing: Croydon Tories have finally had an endorsement from Croydon Labour

The local Tories, keen to pass the buck for their swingeing cuts to council services and axing of all grants to charities and volunteer groups in the borough, posted a message saying, “Croydon Labour bankrupted our borough three times over…”, which is actually untrue, but hey, these are Tories, remember, “… accruing £1.6billion total debt”, also inaccurate.

They pressed on: “£47million in annual repayments. Crippling our ability to invest in services.”

And someone while in charge of the Croydon Labour Twitter/X account, with its 5,492 followers, managed to click the “Like” button. Doh!

“Looks like Croydon Labour are starting to agree with what we’ve been saying all along…,” crowed whoever it is in charge of the Croydon Tories’ account.

The Labour Party’s approach to data protection has, for a while, been more than a bit hit and miss.

Following this latest omnishambles, might we expect the latest Steve Reed purge any day now? Will there be anyone left to deliver Labour leaflets?

And just who was it that left all those very official-looking, Ministry of Justice restricted documents in a rucksack on Norwood Grove?

What this space…

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3 Responses to ‘Beware calls from Croydon Labour’ warns Croydon Labour

  1. David White says:

    Individuals have been expelled from Labour for liking tweets by Green Caroline Lucas. In the meantime Croydon Labour are liking tweets from the Tories. Clearly they will now face expulsion…won’t they??

  2. chris myers says:

    Beyond parody!! Oh, thanks IC for keeping in this weird loop. Truly Croydon Labour is the gift that keeps on giving …

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