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Mayor Perry spends £140,000 on gym equipment for Monks Hill

Politics, they say, is all about priorities. So while Croydon Mayor Jason Perry takes away the £13,000 per year grant to the Selsdon Centre for the Retired and increases their rent, after hiking everyone’s Council Tax by 15%, up the … Continue reading

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Headteacher Smith’s passport to Pimlico began in Croydon

Our education correspondent, GENE BRODIE, reports on how recent confrontations between ‘woke’ staff and pupils at an inner London academy may have had their beginnings in south London Daniel Smith, the controversial head of Pimlico Academy who has attracted national … Continue reading

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Parents’ concern as schools stay silent over coronavirus

Parents and staff at some Croydon schools are becoming concerned that information about cases of coronavirus afflicting pupils and teachers is not being shared with the schools’ broader community. In some instances, it has been alleged that year group “bubbles” … Continue reading

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