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Croydon East candidates react to Labour’s cancelled selection

VOTING FRAUD SCANDAL: Stunned candidates for parliamentary selection in a safe seat have reacted to the party’s cancellation of tomorrow’s key meeting. By STEVEN DOWNES The shortlisted candidates who were expecting to face Croydon East members in a final parliamentary … Continue reading

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Croydon Labour’s ‘hidden primary’ will choose a new MP

On Saturday, fewer than 200 Labour members will get to hand-pick the person who is almost certain to become the MP for Croydon East. Political Editor WALTER CRONXITE sifts through the shortlist This Saturday, a group of people will meet … Continue reading

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Labour’s NEC imposes selection shortlist on Croydon East

WALTER CRONXITE, political editor, on the latest twist in local Labour’s long-running psycho-drama The Labour Party underscored its anti-democratic approach to candidate selection last night when its national ruling body imposed its own shortlist for the new constituency of Croydon … Continue reading

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The fix is in: Labour excludes members from Croydon selection

Labour members in the new Croydon East constituency are furious that unelected and unidentified party officials have gone ahead and begun the selection process that potentially will be handing a job for life to the ‘lucky’ winner. By Political Editor … Continue reading

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Dirty tricks or treats: Labour selection’s Halloween horror films

Whoever gets picked as Labour’s candidate for the new Croydon East parliamentary seat is effectively being installed to a job-for-life sinecure. And with such high stakes, some have already bent the rules and resorted to underhand tactics, reports our Political … Continue reading

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‘Grand National’-sized field in the running for Croydon East

Political editor WALTER CRONXITE on the short memories and absence of shame among Newman’s numpties seeking selection for ‘higher’ office Boris Johnson is not the only politician with no shame. One of the numptiest of Newman’s numpties, Manju Shahul-Hameed, continues … Continue reading

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