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London Bridge isn’t falling down – it’s a place full of life

WANDLE WANDERINGS: Our intrepid rambler, KEN TOWL, doesn’t just take on walks around the countryside near Croydon. He’s happy to do a pub crawl in an area that ought to be within easy reach by train Last week was saw … Continue reading

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The writing’s on the wall for Croydon’s artful dodger

WANDLE WANDERER: Art fan KEN TOWL set off on another walk this weekend, but this time in the town centre, where one of the lowlights was a limited edition, £20,000 balloon dog shitting balloon shit From the town that brought you … Continue reading

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Bishops Walk and the loneliness of the ‘paper’ candidate

This could be called “The problem with Monks Hill”, or “A Tale of Two Villages”, or “Bishops v Monks”, or “Who Cares?” KEN TOWL takes a walk on the less-than-wild-side, as a “paper” candidate in the local elections Yesterday, I … Continue reading

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LOOP around for buckets in trees and bluebells in the woods

WANDLE WANDERER: At a rare sighting of the sun, and with the promise of spring finally arriving some time soon, KEN TOWL sets off on the latest stage of his exploration of the London LOOP, from Coombe Lane to Hamsey … Continue reading

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LOOP takes the high ground to offer vistas across London

WANDLE WANDERINGS: As he continues his ventures on the capital’s orbital walking route, KEN TOWL follows Saxon era church paths, side steps some rugby players, and arrives back in the borough of Croydon Before London spread south into what are … Continue reading

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Follow in the footsteps of abolitionists and gravel-pit diggers

WANDLE WANDERINGS: Having trekked from Petts Wood to Farnborough High Street on the first section of the LOOP walk, KEN TOWL has pulled his walking boots back on and set off to discover abandoned Eton Fives courts, the Wilberforce Oak … Continue reading

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Take a tram to explore the LOOP back to the Domesday Book

WANDLE WANDERINGS: Dodging between the springtime showers for a weekend walk, KEN TOWL has gone all loopy Outer London is peppered with country parks, downland, ancient trails and sites redolent with the history of an area occupied since pre-Roman times. … Continue reading

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