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Croydon’s bus shelter project ‘has been progressing well’

The management of even straightforward pieces of street furniture continues to be beyond the capabilities of some of the council’s six-figure-salaried executives As the chill winds and rains arrive with autumn, council officials snug in their offices in Fisher’s Folly … Continue reading

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Council’s digital bus shelters partner is late to file accounts

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Long-promised ‘smart’ bus shelters have been delayed because of supply issues caused by the war in Ukraine, according to the latest excuse offered by Town Hall officials. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES Long-suffering bus passengers travelling around Croydon … Continue reading

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Council’s £6.8m bus shelter deal with 9-month-old tech firm

There’s good news for any Croydon bus passengers who during this week’s stormy weather have been battered and rained on while waiting for their transport at bus stops without their usual shelters. Inevitably, though, this being Croydon, there’s some bad … Continue reading

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