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Hundreds of teachers leaving Harris academies each year

GENE BRODIE, our education correspondent, reports on the mysterious case of the disappearing school staff Parents who are considering sending their child to one of the growing number of academies, primary and secondary, that are run by the Harris Federation … Continue reading

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After Purley Pond, emergency services now create Lake Roke

The Purley Pond was not enough. Despite emergency services having pumped hundreds of thousands of gallons of floodwater up from flood-threatened areas of Kenley and into the pedestrian underpass at Purley Cross since the weekend, even more “overflow capacity” has … Continue reading

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Academy head’s warped priorities: A Roke by any other name?

There has been a civil emergency going on in the Kenley area of Croydon for the past week. Residents of homes in one road have faced the prospect of being flooded out. The A22 Godstone Road has been impassable because … Continue reading

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Flooded areas in Purley and Kenley braced for severe weather

A dry day of clear blue skies on Friday has offered little real relief from the flood-threatened areas to the south of the borough, with severe weather warnings threatening more rain and high winds over the next three days. The … Continue reading

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Kenley and Purley flooding declared ‘a major incident’

The flooding in the south of Croydon has been declared “a major incident” by the council this afternoon. According to official emails, “We are now in an official multi-agency gold command situation and the borough emergency control centre (BECC) has … Continue reading

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Harris primary reduces SEN support and adjusts report grades

Parents at what was once the high-attaining Roke Primary have lasted just half a term before losing all patience with the school’s new academy management, and they are now accusing the Harris Federation of trying to force out of the … Continue reading

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