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Hundreds of teachers leaving Harris academies each year

GENE BRODIE, our education correspondent, reports on the mysterious case of the disappearing school staff Parents who are considering sending their child to one of the growing number of academies, primary and secondary, that are run by the Harris Federation … Continue reading

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Croydon’s ‘independent’ state school that still sets the 11-plus

Education correspondent GENE BRODIE on how selection in our schools has never really gone away Did you know that the 11-plus is alive and thriving in a Croydon state school? Many of the Year 6 pupils who prepared diligently for … Continue reading

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Parents’ anger at “immoral” departure of admired school head

Parents at a Croydon primary are angry that they and their children have been treated in a “disrespectful, insensitive and immoral” manner by a interim board of governors, imposed on the school by the Tory Education Secretary, and which then … Continue reading

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Boswell speaks out on behalf of Croydon’s “heroic” teachers

Canon Colin Boswell used Croydon’s annual civic service yesterday to call on the people of the borough ”to encourage heroic teachers”. The Vicar of Croydon’s remarks came in a sermon to the congregation in Croydon Minster and to the many … Continue reading

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Bishop gives backing to primary head ousted by Ofsted

The Bishop of Southwark has publicly praised the outgoing headmaster of Parish Church junior school, who retired following a controversial Ofsted report which downgraded the school’s rating from “outstanding” to “inadequate”. Bishop Christopher Chessun was the guest of honour on … Continue reading

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Thames Water’s dismal record and their 20% water rate hike

So, apres le deluge… Two weeks since Croydon Council declared a Major Incident around Kenley water treatment works, and a week’s drier weather has enabled the mopping-up process to get underway following the floods in the south of the borough. … Continue reading

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Boris visits Kenley-on-Thames as Greens call for flood action

Boris Johnson, the former MP for Henley on Thames, was in his former constituency’s new, near namesake, Kenley-on-Thames, this morning, the London Mayor becoming the latest high-profile politician to visit the scene of flooding in the south of Croydon. Just … Continue reading

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Going Underground: Purley underpass used as flood overflow

Has Croydon Council hired Noah as a consultant? Nathan Elvery, the chief executive (the sometime entrepreneur seems to have discreetly dropped the “interim” part of his title from official correspondence) seems to be expecting floods of Biblical proportions, since he … Continue reading

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Academy head’s warped priorities: A Roke by any other name?

There has been a civil emergency going on in the Kenley area of Croydon for the past week. Residents of homes in one road have faced the prospect of being flooded out. The A22 Godstone Road has been impassable because … Continue reading

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Flooded areas in Purley and Kenley braced for severe weather

A dry day of clear blue skies on Friday has offered little real relief from the flood-threatened areas to the south of the borough, with severe weather warnings threatening more rain and high winds over the next three days. The … Continue reading

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