Inside Croydon’s Heroes of the Week: MOT Centre staff

Inside Croydon’s loyal reader has been in touch. They write:

“I would like to nominate the mechanics of the Croydon MOT Centre in West Croydon.

MOT-logo“Today, at approximately 4.30pm, I witnessed a very nasty road rage incident, yards from the MOT garage on Pitlake.

“Three young men were arguing with a man in a car. This escalated into a fist fight. The driver of the car was being set up on by the three young men. There were many bystanders, including myself. Five or six of the mechanics from the MOT Centre were on the scene and they were able to calm the situation down.

“The mechanics were non-violent and non-aggressive but they were able to break up the fight by physically intervening. When the most aggressive of the youths punched the driver he fell backwards,, hit his head on the pavement and was knocked out cold.

“One of the mechanics immediately went to his aid and placed him in the recovery position. He stayed with the driver until he regained consciousness.

“I was very impressed that the mechanics would put their safety on the line for a complete stranger. They gave no thought for themselves instead they just seemed to want to stop this road assault. I congratulated one of the men afterwards and his response was simply, ‘Well, three on one isn’t right’.

“These men are complete heroes.”

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  1. Matt Sugar says:

    Glad to hear there are men out there willing to diffuse situations like this. Hope any customers getting their car mot’d were understanding as well!

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