Royal Mail plans will leave Coulsdon cut-off from collections

Royal Mail PostboxThe people of Coulsdon may well have abandoned thoughts of cutting themselves off from local authorities in Greater London, and Croydon, but now Royal Mail is going to do it for them, isolating the area by reducing its postal collection service to just once each weekday.

Even Margaret Thatcher refused to flog off the picture of the Queen on a first-class postage stamp, but the Eton-educated spivs in charge of the current government had no such qualms, with a massive transfer of public assets on the cheap to private interests.

And within six months of the “clueless” privatisation of Royal Mail, which has lost the tax-payer at least £1 billion, the new profit-driven management is cutting services.

According to the East Croydon Residents’ Association, “Royal Mail has decided to reduce the number of collections and also alter the time of collections on a number of post boxes in our area from Stoats Nest to Coulsdon Woods, to Fairdene Road and beyond, and even in the town centre.

“They have stuck a very small label on the box saying, ‘To improve efficiency…’,”

Ha! It’s always “to improve efficiency”, and never to “cut our costs”. The cuts certainly will not improve the efficiency of the diminished service provided to customers. The much-reduced service, which is being applied elsewhere in the borough, too, will undoubtedly see many job losses among Royal Mail staff.

The ECRA post continues… “from 19th September 2014 they are intending to limit the collection to one per day at 9.00am and 7.00am on Saturday.”

So much for a next-day first-class service, or the universal postal service that was supposed enshrined in the privatisation agreement.

“This does not even allow you to answer a letter by return of post on the same day,” said ECRA, whose members include many local small business owners as well as residents.

“We believe this is wrong and have written to the Royal Mail and Sir Richard Ottaway MP suggesting that if there is to be only one collection, it should be at 6.00pm in line with people’s needs,” ECRA said.

ECRA encourages anyone affected by this loss of service to contact Royal Mail customer services at the website, or call 03456 011399, and copy it to Sir Richard Ottaway MP at

Please don’t show up at the Croydon South MP’s regular constituent surgery: he might think you’re trying to kill him.

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1 Response to Royal Mail plans will leave Coulsdon cut-off from collections

  1. davidcallam says:

    Good luck with getting anything other than the Tory party line out of Richard Ottaway.

    How else do you think he ‘earned’ his knighthood?

    I assume the Royal Mail decision is based on commercial considerations; the letter service is in terminal decline, propped up to an ever greater extent by parcel deliveries.

    The universal postal delivery service should be next to go; if you live in the middle of nowhere you should pay the economic cost of delivering your mail.

    And then, I would make the daily delivery every other day. With telephone and email so well established, who but the determined Luddite needs a daily delivery and why should I pay for his refusal to move with the times?

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