Rubbish idea, as council workers given the sack at lunchtime

Croydon's Labour leadership demonstrate how none of them have much of a career as fashion models. Note how council leader Tony Newman swerved the awkward

Croydon’s Labour leadership demonstrate how none of them have much chance of a career as fashion models. Note how council leader Tony Newman swerved the awkward “T-shirt over another shirt” look by… well, just holding his T-shirt

Who says morale among Croydon’s council staff, which was at rock bottom after four years of Tory job cuts under florid-faced Mike “Show Me The Money” Fisher, couldn’t get any lower?

Well it could, as hard-pressed council staff are being asked to take the sack at lunchtime next week. The rubbish sack, that is.

The new council, under Labour, is showing that it really knows how to put a fresh spring in the step of those going to work in Fisher’s Folly each morning. Not. Our Labour-run council is asking staff to “volunteer” to sweep the streets of central Croydon in their lunch break – and all for the offer of one of Stuart Collins’s T-shirts.

The following message was distributed to council staff today:

“On Monday 13 October and Wednesday 15 October you are invited to take part in a Don’t Mess with Croydon: take pride staff clean-up day.” Well, at least it’s an invite, and not an injunction.

“We want staff to take responsibility for our borough so we are planning to tidy up areas in the central civic complex – from Matthew’s Yard to Croydon Minster.

“Meet anytime between 12pm and 2pm at the old water tower building in Matthew’s Yard (off Surrey Street Market) to take part.” Interesting how the location has to be parenthetically explained – few ordinary council staff are paid enough to enjoy the expensive, cafe society lifestyle that six-figure salaried executive directors and certain Tory councillors may enjoy in this neighbourhood.

“Any time you can spare will be appreciated. Litter pickers and other equipment will be provided on the day. For more information about what to expect on the day contact …

“If you cannot make it to either of these dates, you can still get involved in the campaign…” Well, that will come as a blessed relief for those “unable” to assist on the specified dates, just in case someone is keeping a check on who turns out to help. And, importantly, which council staff members don’t.

“Take pride and take part!” the cheery memo from the council’s leadership proclaims. Inside Croydon fully expects to see council CEO Nathan Elvery out in his hi-viz waistcoat, doing his “bit” for the benefit of the Sadvertiser’s photographer next Monday for this very important photo-op… sorry, morale-boosting exercise.

After all, for those council staff taking part, there’s a free “Don’t Mess with Croydon: Take Pride” T-shirt or canvas bag on offer.


  • Meanwhile, Veolia, the council contractors who are paid to keep the borough’s streets clean, continue to fail to deliver on their promises: an undertaking to equip all Veolia vehicles in Croydon with the means of reporting when they have cleared a fly-tip, to provide feedback to residents, has still not been implemented.
  • And the MyCroydon App, among its many other short-comings as highlighted by senior Labour councillors, still has an important omission among the categories which allow residents to report a problem with the street scene: users have no option to record Veolia’s failure to conduct their scheduled fortnightly bin collections or recycling collection.

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5 Responses to Rubbish idea, as council workers given the sack at lunchtime

  1. davidcallam says:

    Can we expect to see every Labour councillor at the rubbish collection, led of course by Tony Newman?
    More importantly, has Croydon Council instituted its own checks to make sure that Veolia is giving good value for public money by cleaning the streets to the standard required in the contract?

    • I think this is a little harsh. Plenty of workplaces have corporate social responsibility days.

      While my own view is that Veolia do an average job, let’s not knock attempts to tidy our streets up a little.

      • Were Croydon Council to employ staff to monitor Veolia’s performance – instead of allowing the contractor to self-monitor – maybe empty gestures such as a lunchtime litter pick photo op would not be necessary.

  2. Ken Towl says:

    Given the headline, it was a bit of a relief to see that they weren’t actually losing their jobs.

    • It was deliberate, but not meant cruelly, Ken.

      How many will turn out next Monday because they fear that if they do not, they might lose their job in the next round of cuts?

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