For Winston McKenzie, UKIP’s Farage is just like Jesus Christ

THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING (Part 94): Winston McKenzie is at it again, with another outbreak of foot in mouth disease from his erstwhile party HQ in South Norwood.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Winston McKenzie is better than any Christmas cracker

Ho! Ho! Ho! Winston McKenzie is better than any Christmas cracker

This time, the “Chump from the Dump” has compared Nigel Farage, his UKIP party leader, to Jesus Christ.

McKenzie is the failed professional boxer and failed politician who is standing as UKIP’s candidate in Croydon North at the General Election in May.

His latest piece of self-regarding overstatement was provided in an interview for an online politics site run by a couple of students. Wind him up, and away he goes…

Not content with describing Croydon as a “dump” on national television, or with banning from his branch one of his few remaining committee members, or issuing threats of expulsion against his branch members who dare stage fund-raising Christmas parties, McKenzie has this time gone OTT in his arslikhan adoration of Farage, someone recently cuttingly described as “a pound shop Enoch Powell“.

“Jesus was one man, we are his army,” McKenzie said. “Farage is one man, we are his army and that’s what it’s all about.”

For McKenzie, Farage is an inspirational figure: “Mr Farage has his team. Farage was the inspiration for me joining the UK Independence Party.”

The adoration contiued: “The one thing with Farage is there’s no airs and graces, you do business. He’s a strong leader.

“He can do no wrong. Everywhere he goes, it doesn’t matter what he says or does – he gets away with it.” Which is an interesting view point given that gaffe-prone McKenzie seems to “get away” with any number of ridiculous mistakes in his handling of local party affairs and, despite the reservations of his own branch colleagues, continues to get selected to run in parliamentary elections.

Twice – at the Croydon North by-election in 2012 and before the local elections earlier this year – McKenzie has staged events at which his adored Farage was due to make an appearance in Croydon. On both occasions, Farage failed to show. Which may have been a miracle of sorts, we suppose.

This gem of a video from 2007 shows that McKenzie’s approach to self-promotion has not improved much over time, either, with his Poundshop Muhammad Ali performance:

Coming to Croydon


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5 Responses to For Winston McKenzie, UKIP’s Farage is just like Jesus Christ

  1. I thought pantomime traditionally started on Boxing Day. Ho, ho, ho!

  2. marzia27 says:

    Will it really make a difference where/if this man stands?

    • It makes a difference because, on every occasion that UKIP is accused of racism, they are able to point to Winston as some kind of evidence that they are not.

      • I have mixed feelings, I must admit; if UKIP wants to be taken seriously they can’t have someone like this going on TV and becoming high profile in an election year. Then again, I’m quite happy for UKIP not to be taken seriously.

  3. DJ Images says:

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    It think he wants your vote

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