Winston McKenzie’s latest rant does UKIP leader no good

Poor old Winston McKenzie, Croydon’s UKIP “Chump”. He really doesn’t get it, does he?

A cross Farage has to bear: the UKIP leader looked less than delighted when he had a stalker following another McKenzie gaffe

Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, looked less than delighted when he had a Christ-like stalker following one of Winston McKenzie’s gaffes

Barely a week after he held on to his General Election deposit thanks to a handful of votes in Croydon North, McKenzie was back on the airwaves, apparently the only member of his party prepared to speak on behalf of Nigel “Will He Stay Or Will He Go?” Farage.

In recent months, McKenzie has shown his devotion to Farage by compare him variously to Dr Martin Luther King and to Jesus Christ. Such obsequiousness didn’t do the failed Thornton Heath pub-owner any good, though, as McKenzie has been stripped of the chairmanship of the local UKIP branch and sacked as his party’s “Commonwealth spokesman”.

Winston McKenzie's on the phone: don't expect to get a word in edgeways, or hear a coherent argument

Winston McKenzie’s on the phone: don’t expect to get a word in edgeways, or hear a coherent argument

This week, interviewed on Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show, McKenzie’s rant forced the urbane presenter to ask him to calm down several times, as the UKIP laughing-stock interrupted his co-guest and rambled on incoherently. Effectively, Vine had to ask him to take a “count”, in ring parlance, something even the failed ex-boxer might understand.

Not that it did any good.

If you have a spare five minutes and fancy a laugh at some car-crash radio, take a listen to this:

listen to ‘UKIP’s Winston McKenzie angrily defends Nigel Farage’ on audioBoom

With staunch supporters like this, Nigel Farage really doesn’t need any political enemies, does he?

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1 Response to Winston McKenzie’s latest rant does UKIP leader no good

  1. Who is this broadcaster and journalist and self proclaimed expert on Ukip? Mike somebody, a nonentity who isn’t a household name even in his own lounge.
    That said, Winston is his usual excitable self, making the problem even worse. It’s car-crash radio all right, but the Radio 2 producer is at least as much to blame as the two contributors.
    In truth, Ukip did badly in the General Election and, like Labour, which also did badly, it has chosen to turn in on itself. The rest of us must wait until the blood letting has stopped before we can judge whether anyone more electable has emerged from the chaos.

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