Buses set to by-pass Colonnades and Purley Way superstore

Transport for London has this week begun a consultation on streamlining two Croydon bus routes, the 289 and 455, in and around the Purley Way.

Hold very tight please: changes could be on the way for the 455

Hold very tight please: changes could be on the way for the 455 bus route

TfL wants to eliminate the loop into the Colonnades complex currently on the 289 route, and for both buses, it is proposed to abandon the loop the southbound routes take around Sainsbury’s on Purley Way.

Local councillors are considering the proposals before making any representations to City Hall. All Londoners are able to submit comments and suggestions. It is thought that there will be few objections to the Colonnades route change, which is estimated will save around one minute off journey times, but there are concerns that the loss of the bus stops near the Waddon Marsh tram stop and the supermarket could cause problems for the elderly and those with mobility issues.

TfL said this week: “The London bus network is kept under regular review, to make sure that we are providing the best service possible for passengers in the most cost-effective way.

“Route 289 operates between Elmers End station and Purley station. Route 455 runs between Purley and Wallington station. At Waddon Marsh, routes 289 and 455 currently run in a loop via Trafalgar Way and Drury Crescent in both directions. In addition, route 289 runs into Croydon Colonnades in the southbound direction only.

How TfL wants to change the 289 and 455 bus routes at Sainsbury's, Purley Way

How TfL wants to change the 289 and 455 bus routes at Sainsbury’s, Purley Way

“To reduce journey times and improve reliability, we are proposing to remove both of these ‘double runs’ so that routes 289 and 455 would run directly along Purley Way at these locations instead.

“We estimate that the changes at Waddon Marsh would save about three minutes of journey time each for routes 289 and 455, and altering route 289 at Croydon Colonnades would save around one minute. At busy times, the time savings could be greater, as buses attempting to access Purley Way from both Waddon Marsh and Croydon Colonnades can experience long delays due to congestion.

“Avoiding Waddon Marsh would mean that routes 289 and 455 no longer serve two bus stops – Waddon Marsh Tram Stop and The Purley Way Centre – in both directions. Passengers would have to walk about 200 metres to existing stops on Purley Way.

“Removing the southbound double run for route 289 at Croydon Colonnades would mean that the route would no longer serve The Colonnades/Croydon Airport bus stop. Passengers would need to walk 90 metres to Purley Way, where a new southbound bus stop would be provided.

“There would no changes to the frequency of either route as a result of these proposals.”


Shaving three minutes off the 455’s journey time appears, in any case, to be a bit cheese-paring: the round-the-houses route looks to have been devised as a grand tour of the supermarkets and stores in the area.

From Tesco Purley, the 455 wends its slow way to Reeves Corner, to Sainsbury’s at Purley Way, popping in to Ikea, then on to Asda at Beddington before heading on to Roundshaw and the ultimate destination at Wallington. It’s not a bus journey for anyone who wants to get somewhere in a hurry.

In some respects, any review of the 455 route might be better at considering splitting it into two – with the new Hopper one-hour bus ticket available, anyone making the whole Purley to Wallington journey would not be adversely affected by having to pay a second fare – or providing another, more direct route.

“It’s very doubtful that anyone uses the 455 as a means of travelling all the way from Wallington to Purley,” one member of a local transport group said.

The online consultation form is available until March 7. Click here to have your say.

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3 Responses to Buses set to by-pass Colonnades and Purley Way superstore

  1. The problem with these types of consultation, the decision has already been made and it is one based on profit.

    Anyone who has visited the Purley Way knows that trying to cross it on foot is a challenge. Imagine if you are less able or that arthritic knee or bunion is not so good, then try crossing the Purley Way at either end. Maybe the cataracts are getting worse and things are a little blurry and distance is hard to judge.

    TfL will then say that they will put in extra crossing points, further disrupting the flow of traffic potentially causing traffic jams, increasing pollution from exhaust emissions.

    The bus stops are not there to make it easier for the service provider, they are there for the service user.

    Consultations are on the increase, unfortunately no one either knows that there is one or are unable to access it due to them always being web based.

    A recent decision by Comrade Newman and the Progress Squad that will impact on anyone using schools now or in the future was passed because out of a borough of 360,000 people, only 14 could be bothered or knew about it to fill it in.

    • Up to a point, Lord Copper.

      Your criticisms of the bus route proposal would be valid, except for the fact that the bus stops to be eliminated from near Sainsbury’s only affect south-bound buses, and they will have other stops provided which do not require passengers/shoppers to take their lives in their hands as the cross the urban motorway which is the Purley Way.

      Passengers alighting north-bound buses for the shops already have to cross the busy main road, and there are no changes proposed to those bus stops.

  2. combyne says:

    I would pay more attention if they had used yards, rather than metres in their consultation document.

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