Fishers has the chemistry right for business in Woodside

A chemists’ shop with a poetic tendency

The nice people at the South Norwood Tourist Board have flagged up this festive offering at the independent chemists’ shop, Fishers on Enmore Road.

They write: “Serving the community for over 100 years, this place is more an institution and catch up with yer neighbours than a regular pharmacy. You don’t get Boots, Superdrug or Lloyds giving such a personalised service, with customers each year getting a Christmas card with one of Mr Kurtz’s poems.

“Here’s this year’s fine offering:

It’s been a pretty awful year
With tragedy and crisis
And terror in the Middle East
With Al Qaeda and Isis

Our Nation’s facing problems
Of that there is no doubt
Uncertainty with Brexit
And how we’re going out.

We’ve had austerity for years
We’ve all had to cut costs
And yet the deficit remains
To everybody’s loss.

The politicians squabble
Though they aim to do their best
Big business avoids paying tax
Which leaves it to the rest.

Inequality is greater
Than it’s been for many years
And youngsters can’t buy houses
With debt coming out their ears.

But in the depths of Norwood
In a place they call Woodside
There’s a pharmacy called Fishers
Which has stood against the tide.

We stand ready to serve you
As we have in years gone by
As constant and unchanging
As the stars up in the sky.

For well over a century
We’ve followed every lead
And tried to give the services
Which cater for your needs

We don’t have to please shareholders
We’re not a plc
It’s only you we need please
The people whom we see.

So, at this special season
Of giving and goodwill
We thank all of our customers
For staying with us still.

And there may be a moral footnote to this tale of a classy chemist in the community. The South Norwood Tourist Board people suggest that a rival chemist round the corner, run by one of the larger, national chains, is about to close. So maybe when businesses so they care, it can help the bottom line, too.

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