‘Best in the business’ Creatura lands new Westminster job

WALTER CRONXITE, political editor, on the latest job manoeuvre by someone whose political ambitions exceed his abilities

Gobby fac totum: Mario Creatura’s parliamentary campaign ended up in embarrassing defeat

Mario Creatura, the Tory councillor who sought the help of the SPAC Nation cult church to try to win him the Croydon Central parliamentary seat, has landed himself a new job with a Westminster political consultancy.

Creatura has been hired by Interel, which is described as “one of the UK’s largest independent public affairs and campaigns consultancies”. The Park Hill resident got his new post, apparently, off the back of his working in Downing Street for a couple of years running Theresa Mayhem’s Twitter account.

Creatura, one of the founders of the failed Croydon Shitizen Tory-backing newspaper, has been a councillor for Coulsdon Town since 2014.

He has previously worked in the Westminster office of Gavin Barwell when he was MP for Croydon Central. And it was Barwell, when May’s chief of staff at No10, who hired Creatura on a lavish, public-funded SPAD salary, to organise GIFs and memes and online shit.

Interel, with offices (remember them?) in Francis Street, round the back of Victoria Station, say that Creatura is to head up their Digital Unit. Creatura’s CV claimed that “he created the Prime Minister’s digital communications strategy and developed the cross-government digital campaigns operation with the Cabinet Office”.

The political consultancy is “as close as he’ll get to parliament for a while”, a Katharine Street source remarked on hearing the news.

“He should fit in well there. He’s of no great calibre.”

Creatura’s 2019 General Election campaign in Croydon Central ended in failure, as Labour’s Sarah Jones retained the seat she had won from Barwell two years earlier.

He appears not to be held in great regard by Croydon Tories’ new leadership, Jasons Perry and Cummings, as since they took over the Town Hall opposition last year, Creatura has been relegated to the modest role of group chief whip.

Creatura’s involvement of members of the SPAC Nation church in 2019 campaigns back-fired badly for Croydon Tories

Despite his bruising 2019 election defeat, Creatura maintains ambitions to become a Tory MP, and has been sniffing around soon-to-be-vacated safe Conservative seats, apparently having abandoned any hope of being selected again or ever winning in his home town.

It seems unlikely that such details were shared with Interel when Creatura filled out his job application.

In a press release issued today, the consultancy said, “Mario Creatura will join Interel’s fast-growing team after a record-breaking year for the agency which included 20 new clients and double digit revenue growth.

“Mario joins Interel from Virgin Money on February 1, where he was head of digital and strategic communications.”

According to Interel, “Interel’s Digital Unit focuses on developing new campaign channels and will sit at the heart of Interel’s integrated communications offering. It will offer digital campaigning advice, social media strategy and website development among other digital services.” Given Creatura’s track record with Croydon Tories, that might even see the company facing serial complaints over misuse of personal data, too.

Someone from Interel on a six-figure salary and who really should know better described Creatura as “the best in the business”, and said, “Optimal use of digital channels are an essential part of public affairs campaigning. Mario will be a boost to our integrated communications services.”

Creatura, for his part, said he is “really excited”.

“I hope to be able to bring my expertise of running campaigns from the heart of government to Interel’s wider offering,” he said. Campaigns like the successful Theresa May campaign on… errr, ummm.

Or campaigns such as the one that didn’t get him elected in 2019…

Or campaigns which saw him hand over the personal data of thousands of electors, including some vulnerable young people, to a cult church some of whose members have since been investigated for breaches of charity laws, fraud, abuse and sexual assault…

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  1. What a damp squid.

    “he created the Prime Minister’s digital communications strategy and developed the cross-government digital campaigns operation with the Cabinet Office”

    Doesn’t this just involve having an email address and remembering a 6 letter password? Or has Twitter changed its login method?

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