Residents take to the streets to protest Parsons Mead LTN

The Low Traffic Neighbourhood at Parsons Mead in West Croydon yesterday drew a small crowd of protesters, plus regional news television cameras, as public frustration with the fines being levied by CCTV cameras continues to increase.

Wrong turn: Broad Green residents at yesterday’s protest against the LTN

The LTNs, government-funded and usually identified by wooden players or gates across the roadway, are designed to discourage car use, cut off rat runs and make it easier to walk and cycle.

There are 95 LTN schemes in London, with 18 of them in Croydon.

The Parsons Mead LTN doesn’t use planters or other physical blocks, but relies on ANPR cameras – automatic number plate recognition. Some drivers claim that they have been caught, and fined, up to a dozen times. Each Penalty Charge Notice can cost a  driver £130, or £65 if paid quickly and without appeal.

Yesterday’s protests claimed there to be poor signage and confusing routes, although a recent traffic tribunal ruled against one driver’s appeal and said that the signage was clear and visible.

Residents are particularly suspicious of the scheme, introduced at this location in September. As part of the council’s financial recovery programme after going bankrupt in November 2020, Croydon anticipates raising £3million per year in road fines which, unlike parking fees and residents’ parking permit payments, can go straight into the council’s general budget.

The protesters claim the signs are not clearly visible

The Parsons Mead scheme, like other LTNs around the borough, suffered from a poorly managed consultation conducted during lockdown, while postal delays saw some drivers rack up repeat fines before realising that they had committed any offence.

The council says its signage has always complied with legal requirements, and they have improved it this year. They also intend to conduct a review of the Parson Mead LTN in four to six weeks’ time.

The campaigners say that they will stage another protest on May 22.

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10 Responses to Residents take to the streets to protest Parsons Mead LTN

  1. Jim Bush says:

    Lazy motorists wallowing in self-pity again !

  2. Graham Parker says:

    The photo says all you need to know. If a motorist can’t see that sign they shouldn’t be on the road.

  3. The signs also show that you are exempt if you are a Broad Green permit holder.

    If you live inside the area covered by the scheme, you can apply to the council to get up to three free permits per household to give you the right to drive through the area signed with “no motor vehicles” signs on Parsons Mead.

    So these people are thick or not local or both.

  4. Sara S says:

    I’m pretty sure all these LTNs are the cause of the very heavy traffic on Sumner Road. Its chaos at times. The council need to look at the Impact the LTNs have caused. An accident is waiting to happen.

  5. tracey says:

    I think it’s a good idea less cars going down parsons mead, so much quieter and peaceful.

    Well done croydon council

  6. John says:

    Leaving comment to see if tbey are blocking comments that go against their agenda.

    • “John”: we moderate all comments, and have a clear set of rules about what is allowed and what is not. It’s like the rules of the road and the law of the land: break them, and face the consequences.

      Anonymous commenters are top of our banned list, closely followed by any comments which are demonstrably bollocks.


  7. KP says:

    People still need to travel to work, need to access the hospital etc. Unfortunately, not everyone can use public transport or ride a bike for these journeys. These LTNs are not a deterrent for people driving, they just now have to take longer routes, causing congestion in the alternative routes,, more expense and more pollution. I’m sure most drivers in the UK can read the signs, but they were placed without sufficient distance and warning for the cars to safely divert

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