Council housing demo, Croydon Town Hall, Mar 21

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2 Responses to Council housing demo, Croydon Town Hall, Mar 21

  1. Geoff James says:

    If you dislike what this council is doing then use your vote in May – it is votes that matter and it usually “votes” make the politicians accountable to the population. Although for this Croydon Administration we might also see one or two high court judges dishing out some “accountability”.

  2. Rod Davies says:

    The issues regarding housing in Croydon are rooted in decades of indifference to the quality of life and opportunity for a large number of people. The endless finger pointing “they’re to blame” stance from both Conservative and Labour parties does nothing to end this.
    In all the consultation events I have attended in the last 20 years, none have placed any emphasis on providing actually affordable warm dry safe homes for the ordinary people of Croydon. The focus has been almost exclusively on protecting the interests of those who already own their own homes and want to protect its value and the environment to which they have become accustomed.
    The Covid 19 crisis has highlighted that this community, like others, depends on a lot of poorly paid workers to provide essential services. It’s all well and good clapping them or making posters expressing support, but if we cannot provide homes that they can afford and enable them to enjoy the opportunities we all take for granted, then frankly it is not just meaningless, it is insulting.

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