Only three councillors were as good as their word and stood up for the people against Tory Mayor Perry’s 15% Council Tax hike

In the end, after hours of bluster and posturing, just three of the borough’s 70 councillors stood up for the residents that they represent and were as good as their word, voting against the Conservative Mayor’s budget and his 15per cent Council Tax hike.

All three are women. All three were elected to the council for the first time last May.

None of them were cowered by the threats and bullying employed by Mayor Jason Perry and the council chief executive, Katherine Kerswell in order to push through the punitive Council Tax increase.

All three spoke against the next round of swingeing cuts contained in Mayor Perry’s unbalanced budget, with another £36million reduction in spending on services, with more pain to come next year.

And the Green councillors even proposed an amendment to Perry’s budget in an effort to reduce the number of people being killed and injured on Croydon’s roads in road traffic collisions. Mayor Perry and his Tory lackeys voted against a measure to make Croydon’s roads safer.

These are the Town Hall heroes who stood up for the people of Croydon last night.

And remember those names and their political party the next time you have the opportunity to fill in an election ballot.

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6 Responses to Only three councillors were as good as their word and stood up for the people against Tory Mayor Perry’s 15% Council Tax hike

  1. Turns out that Croydon council has just 3 opposition councillors from two parties. The other 66 are either true blue Tories or the Starmer light blue equivalent in the party formerly known as Labour; only Rowenna Davis had a good reason not to participate in their shameful collapse and hasty retreat

  2. Sarah Bird says:

    Let us all hope that when it comes to the Elections , the voting is remembered by the residents and all of the councilors are voted out who did not stand up for the residents. Many councilors been in situ for years so how is they allowed the1. 5 billion debt to accrue ?Moreover what have they done to chase the debt ?

  3. Mark Samuel says:

    These worthy councillors are indeed heroes. I salute them for standing up to a minority party and spineless and two-faced labour liars! Bravo and more please!

  4. Simon says:

    Your narrative here is moronic. These three virtue signalling posers only had the “courage” and “integrity” to vote against the budget they proposed no alternative to because they were secure in the knowledge that a lawful budget was going to pass once Labour decided not to collapse the entire council. They are as cynical and craven as they come – and I doubt being women has anything to do with their shameless misconduct. Typical of loony left Inside Croydon, that without fail mistakes gesture politics as principle, waste-of-time demonstrations by agenda-laden activists as representative democracy, and pie-in-the-sky delusions as leadership.

  5. Billy James says:

    Anyone but the Cons or Liebour will be getting my vote next time…

    Well done to Councillors Patel , Sutton and Bonham..

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