Council surveys public for views on Croydon housing policies

The council is holding a survey to seek residents’ views on plans for housing services – from providing homes, to raising living standards and providing good customer care.

Home service: residents from all parts of the borough are invited to participate in the council survey

Tenants, leaseholders, staff and community partners are being asked to tell the council what they think should be their priorities over the next five years.

“Responses will help to shape Croydon’s Housing Strategy 2023-2028,” the council said.

“This will build on the extensive work already underway to transform council homes, listen to residents and make sure they are provided with good core services.

“Croydon’s strategy will also set out how the council will work with landlords to make sure private rented properties are safe, secure and energy efficient, and kept to proper standards.

“Also how it will work with developers, investors and housing associations to make sure that there is a good supply of affordable homes for those that need them.”

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  • ROTTEN BOROUGH AWARDS: Croydon was named among the country’s rottenest boroughs for a SIXTH successive year in 2022 in the annual round-up of civic cock-ups in Private Eye magazine

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4 Responses to Council surveys public for views on Croydon housing policies

  1. Sarah Bird says:

    . I will complete the ” survey” .Not holding my breath for the heavily criticized council to listen as the replies on inside croydon verify. My own experience of the council is dire in the extreme ..

  2. chris myers says:

    Congratulations for repeating this deadpan! IC is showing impressive restraint.

  3. Ian Kierans says:

    Can anyone trust anything that emits from this body anymore?
    This is more about talking a good story.

    Dribble a bibfull all nice and bubbly blue sky consultation. Really?

    Reality check. Oh shit we have no money. We will just have to do what we secretly planned all along as thats all the ringfenced dosh we were given. Really we are just playing lip service but it sounds good.

    Here is a simple consultation on the way to do your job.

    1. Get the money back.
    2. Get competent honest and hard working staff back and treat them better.
    3. They will provide effective core services to residents.
    4. Stop contracting out to shitty large companies that do bad jobs and put penalties into contracts for failures and not to time – do not fail to follow up issues until a fecking disaster like Regina Court happens.
    5. Build housing in partnership with a good effective builder and so they do not fall into a right to buy. Manage them jointly – Council does administration – builder does maintenance. Again check everything regulary and have a real risk register and follow it.

    On Private Landlords
    1. inspect the property every year. If not to standard – the landlord cannot obtain rental income from it. – that will focus the mind. No if’s or buts – rent stops immediately and environemtnal health comes in.
    Most Landlords will have no problem compliance just the dodgy ones.
    2. Ensure that developments are fitting for adjoining houses. Stop putting drugs houses beside vulnerable people knowing they will get beaten and abused at best.

    Also reduces call on police resources so Police will be more amenable to joint enforcement when you are no longer a joke civil enforcement dumping on them.

    3. If you have a planning condition that says not to be occupied until conditions are met. Do not accept the scheming liar landlords writtten surety it has been met. Check it or just look at photos’ sent to you that show clearly it has not been met.

    (Those future tenants will thank you for not exposing them to drug dealers giving weed to minors, water coming through ceilings, black mold, severe noise as there was no soundproofing at all. etc. etc.

    Finally do not say in a response to a complaint that a shit hole with multiple failures of the building regulations that is falling apart and has shoddy materials along with failing to meet most of good building requirements is a high level perfectly legal development. Seriously leads to repeated public mocking and destroys any credibility in anything you utter. (Please do take note Ms Townsend and Ms Cheesebrough as both of you are so involved in that joke.)

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