Your chance to ask MP Barwell about tax avoidance

Gavin Barwell: inviting people to meeting to talk about tax issues

Gavin Barwell, MP for Croydon Central, encouraged by the turn-out for his meeting at a local Conservative Club to discuss racism and multi-culturalism, has now sent an email to a select few to announce his next session.

Just days ahead of the ConDem Government’s latest Budget, Barwell wants to explain about economic policy – like how raising VAT to 20 per cent can kill off the beginnings of an economic recovery in a country increasingly dependent on the retail sector; or how making thousands of low-paid public sector employees redundant, in Croydon and across the country, manages to reduce the Government’s tax receipts.

People receive these personal email updates from the MP’s office (which is funded by the public sector) by signing up on Barwell’s own blog, although some people who sign up for email alerts don’t receive the emails. It sort of depends.

In his latest mail out to his hand-picked audience, Gav writes: “A number…” One is a number, Gav. So is two.

“…of people responded to my invitation to that meeting by saying that they would welcome an opportunity to discuss the country’s financial situation – there’s a lot of confusion about the scale of the problem and obviously a big debate about whether the Government is cutting too fast or not fast enough. I have therefore organised a meeting on Friday 16th March at 8pm at Croydon Town Hall. Let me know if you can make it.”

It will be interesting to see whether Barwell accepts questions from the floor regarding his relationship with “Lord” Ashcroft, the status of the undertaking given by Tory party donor Ashcroft about his tax status when he was elevated to the peerage, how much tax multi-millionaire Ashcroft avoids paying through elaborate off-shore business arrangements, and how tighter controls on such arrangements could assist the nation to balance its books.

Barwell might even answer questions about his current relationship with “Lord” Ashcroft.

Let Gavin know whether you are able to attend by emailing him at:

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2 Responses to Your chance to ask MP Barwell about tax avoidance

  1. Croydon Central MP did not invite me to the meeting in the Town Hall. A friend forwarded the invitation.
    I did not receive an invitation to the first meeting either. Am I persona non grata? The MP was elected to serve all constituents, not to select the ones he likes only.
    He does have my email address. I have just created a folder in my hotmail so that all exchanges between us are recorded for posterity.

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