White Label’s “no Cannes do” with conference publicity

Whoops. Looks like another clanger dropped by White Label, the PR agency that is ubiquitous in Croydon Council business.

Croydon Cannes brochure

“Delivering Change” says the blurb from Develop Croydon (the name for another White Label-run project that is part-funded out of our Council Tax).

Except that the expensive-looking Croydon brochure being handed out to delegates in Cannes this week for the international developers’ annual piss-up in the South of France, MIPIM, has a warm welcome written by Jon Rouse, Croydon Council’s now ex-CEO.

Rouse, who when Croydon’s busy CEO somehow always managed to find time to go off to the MIPIM bun-fight, resigned from his £248,000 job almost two months ago. Develop Croydon’s brochure fails to reflect that.

Not exactly “delivering change” in publicity materials, eh, White Label?

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2 Responses to White Label’s “no Cannes do” with conference publicity

  1. Two key facts: 1. The document you refer to is a Council document 2. Develop Croydon is entirely private sector funded

    • Well, it is a welcome change for someone from White Label to post a comment openly, and not using another “identity”.

      We’d offer two key observations:

      1, It is White Label that is running the exhibition stand. Therefore, it is White Label that is responsible for everything distributed from that stand. Your company is ever ready to accept the juicy, public-funded cheques. It’s about time you also accepted responsibility for your blunders.

      2, Your own Develop Croydon website states that both Croydon Council and CCURV – half-owned by Croydon Council, and therefore the people of Croydon – are “supporting” your exhibit at MIPIM. So therefore you are not across your own brief (no surprise there), or you are deliberately lying. Which is it?

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