Oh Phlip! Philp gets the name of fellow Tory candidate wrong

Philp Mohan tweetIt was Mario Creatura, who has risen from desperate wannabe politician to become an MP’s gobby fac totum and a councillor for one of the safest Tory wards in the borough, who infamously said of Croydon North’s parliamentary constituency that it is “unwinnable and a waste of effort” for his party.

But you would still expect Creatura’s senior party colleagues at least to go to the trouble of spelling the name of their Croydon North Tory candidate correctly when they take to the twatosphere.

Sadly for Vidhi Mohan – the Fairfield Tory councillor who has been selected for the task of standing in “unwinnable” Croydon North at next May’s General Election – his Conservative colleague, Chris Philp, who has the much more cushty number of taking over as MP in Croydon South, this afternoon failed to get his colleague’s Twitter name correct.

This is doubly embarrassing, since self-made millionaire and Tory party donor Philp was “engaging” on social media to boast of how he has worked closely with “@MohanVidhiz” on coming up with a 20,000-word manifesto for Croydon. Clearly, not working with him closely enough to manage to get his name right…

Maybe Philp’s just not very good at typing (Gavin Barwell has his state-funded fac totum do much of that sort of manual work for him). But is it telling that Philp did manage to get Gary Barlow’s name correct, but not Mohan’s?

This is just further evidence of the Tories’ disdainful attitudes towards the north of the borough. Their local election campaign ads in May managed to omit an entire Croydon North ward, and not a single one of their sham candidates managed to turn up to debate at election hustings in Thornton Heath.

"Vidhiz" Mohan: even his fellow Tories can't remember who he is

“Vidhiz” Mohan: even his fellow Tories can’t remember who he is

But surely the worst instance of the Tories’ utter contempt for the people of Croydon North is the very selection of Mohan as their candidate to stand against Labour’s sitting MP, Steve Reed OBE.

As a council cabinet member, it was Mohan who oversaw millions of pounds of riot recovery money being diverted away from the areas worst-hit by the August 2011 riots; Fairfield, Mohan’s own ward, got more than half of the Mayor of London’s £23million funding.

With Inside Croydon having revealed that “Vidhiz” was greedy enough to be one of Mike Fisher’s Infamous Five who seriously considered claiming ill-deserved back-pay on their councillor allowances, maybe in Winston McKenzie, UKIP have not picked the worst possible candidate to stand in Croydon North after all.

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2 Responses to Oh Phlip! Philp gets the name of fellow Tory candidate wrong

  1. tomvoute says:

    All this just shows what a ludicrous and absurd electoral system we have, where most votes don’t count.

  2. Jon Bigger says:

    I’m looking forward (sort of) to going through this 20,000-word manifesto of stuff they might not actually be able to influence.

    It’s not a manifesto; from the look of the key proposals, it’s a list of aspirations.

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