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Call for Tory Mayor to resign after Government’s takeover

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Reaction to yesterday’s Government announcement that the Whitehall-appointed improvement panel will effectively take over the running of the cash-strapped council has met with near-universal criticism There have been calls for Jason Perry to resign as Mayor after … Continue reading

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You can depend on Croydon Labour: they always let you down

By STEVEN DOWNES, Editor, Inside Croydon In the end, it was all so sadly predictable. Yet even old cynics didn’t believe it was really going to happen in such a swift and shabby manner until they actually saw it all … Continue reading

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And here are the Labour councillors who broke their word over the 15% tax hike and abandoned the people of Croydon

STUART KING. Leader of the opposition Councillor King took over as Labour group leader in May 2022. Had spent previous eight years mostly holding senior positions, including cabinet posts, in the Labour council administration of Tony Newman, Alison Butler and … Continue reading

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Only three councillors were as good as their word and stood up for the people against Tory Mayor Perry’s 15% Council Tax hike

In the end, after hours of bluster and posturing, just three of the borough’s 70 councillors stood up for the residents that they represent and were as good as their word, voting against the Conservative Mayor’s budget and his 15per … Continue reading

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Green councillors tell Gove: Don’t make our residents pay for ‘a decade of bad decisions, dodgy deals and secret contracts’

Croydon’s Green Party councillors have issued an 11th-hour plea to Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove for him to withdraw permission for Croydon’s Tory Mayor, Jason Perry, to impose a punitive 15per cent Council Tax hike on the ordinary people of … Continue reading

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Not everything’s going to plan after High Street roadworks

Our Town Hall reporter, KEN LEE, finds the council facing another possible U-turn on one of its street schemes There’s a degree of chaos and confusion in the streets around the Town Hall, even more so than usual, after more … Continue reading

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42 evacuated as candle causes Lansdowne Road flat blaze

Some 42 people had to be evacuated when fire broke out in a building in central Croydon last night, prompting the London Fire Brigade to issue another warning about the dangers of careless use of candles. A small part of … Continue reading

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Conservative Mayor Perry loses 3 votes at Town Hall meeting

ANDREW PELLING reports from the Press Gallery on success for Labour, Green and LibDem councillors in opposing Tory moves to cut Council Tax benefits to old age pensioners and the poor Jason Perry, the Conservative Mayor of Croydon, lost three … Continue reading

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Greystar looking at possible third tower twins for town centre

Plans for a £500million 69-storey residential tower at One Lansdowne Road have been dumped, as the original landowners have instead sold the site to the American developers behind the world’s tallest prefabs, the black towers near East Croydon Station. Guildhouse … Continue reading

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Perry LIED to council over Brick by Brick’s ‘stair-less’ house

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Opposition councillors demand an immediate apology and question whether the borough’s credulous Tory Mayor can be trusted. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES Officials from Croydon Council have been forced to admit that the Conservative Mayor, Jason Perry, lied … Continue reading

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Voters looking for third parties’ assurance over reds and blues

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Opinion polls suggest that the Tories should have no chance of electoral success in this borough. But as WALTER CRONXITE outlines in this second part of a special report, ‘the Croydon effect’ of the Newman years has … Continue reading

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Home owner’s victory after four-year battle with planners

The planning department at Croydon’s dysfunctional council has been caught out yet again after the collapse of a developer’s appeal – but only after incurring huge and avoidable costs. Our housing correspondent, BARRATT HOLMES, unravels a saga of deceits and … Continue reading

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Labour’s ‘toxic legacy’ in Croydon proving hard to shake off

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Around the country, the Tories are in retreat thanks to the failings of their three Prime Ministers. But not in Croydon, where they face a neutered opposition, as political editor WALTER CRONXITE reports In London and in … Continue reading

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All change! Town centre one-way system to get re-opened

After repeated calls to unlock the poorly-implemented covid one-way system and the pedestrianised zone around Croydon High Street – including criticisms raised here on  Inside Croydon – the council has today announced a re-routing scheme for buses and cycle lanes … Continue reading

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Local Labour out of step as Streeting calls for outsourcing

Labour councillors in Croydon joined a union-organised march calling for Mayday Hospital’s ancillary jobs – porters, cleaners and food staff – to be brought back in-house and taken out of the hands of private outsourcing giant G4S, just as Keir … Continue reading

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MP ‘alarmed’ to discover Chinese ‘police station’ on High Street

The Chinese Communist Party is operating a secret police station on Croydon High Street, part of a global network intended to control and intimidate former nationals who have made their homes outside China. Beijing claims that almost a quarter of … Continue reading

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Noise from a Doctor Who episode traced to Brick by Brick block

In the end, it was confirmed that it was not an alien invasion of central Croydon. Residents living around the Croydon Flyover spent much of the weekend wondering what the eerily strange, out-of-this-world noise was coming from one of the … Continue reading

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Revealed – the real reason for PSPO: Perry’s Power Rangers

Not content with having an extra 24 Met officers patrolling Croydon town centre, the borough’s new Mayor is clearing the way for a private police force, armed with the threat of £80 fines. By STEVEN DOWNES Anyone seeking the hidden … Continue reading

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Town centre PSPO will just drive problems out to the suburbs

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The Conservative Mayor’s proposals for a new Public Space Protection Order in the town centre will just displace anti-social behaviour, while failing to help the targets of the on-the-spot fines, says RIA PATEL, pictured left, a Green Party … Continue reading

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Perry’s PSPO will just move ‘problems’ out of town centre

Dressed up as a ‘war on anti-social behaviour’ and used as an excuse for clearing the streets of drinkers, the latest proposals will allow the cash-strapped council to issue money-making fines for often trivial offences. By our Town Hall reporter, … Continue reading

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Bonner replaces Reed’s ‘Bodger’ as Labour right keep tight grip

Our political editor, WALTER CRONXITE, on the rearranging of the deckchairs after the party’s ship in Croydon has already sunk Carole Bonner, the former councillor and long-time loyalist of the discredited Tony Newman, is the new chair of the Croydon … Continue reading

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Part-time Perry and Labour in playground squabble over park

After a decade of Town Hall squabbles, the legacy of Newman and Butler’s years in charge of the council is a playground for the children of tower block half-millionaires. WALTER CRONXITE on another late, costly and incomplete town centre project … Continue reading

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This is £12m Fairfield ‘plaza’ that Mayor Perry wants to create

Existing designs for a public open space between the town’s major arts centre and Croydon College have been derided as ‘jokey’, ‘crass’ and ‘one gigantic hardscape of pink and grey candy stripe concrete’. By STEVEN DOWNES Mayor Jason Perry’s announcement … Continue reading

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Mayor bids for £20m funding with old and failed projects

Our Town Hall correspondent, KEN LEE, on an optimistic wish list for a handful of cosmetic schemes around the town centre Part-time Mayor Jason Perry’s pitch for £20million of “levelling up” money from the Tory government is “just a re-hash … Continue reading

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Cult Church of Bling wound-up over ‘suspicious’ operations

A Croydon-based church which worked closely with local Tories – and even got close to Boris Johnson – has been shut down after Charity Commission and Insolvency Service investigations found ‘suspicious or incorrect accounts’. By STEVEN DOWNES SPAC Nation has … Continue reading

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