Towering concern for sharing fairly Croydon’s housing burden

How the Menta tower will overshadow East Croydon and parts of Addiscombe: central Croydon is afflicted with more than its fair share of real skyscrapers

How the Menta tower will overshadow East Croydon and parts of Addiscombe: central Croydon is afflicted with more than its fair share of real skyscrapers

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Last month, David Callam wrote about the importance of housing as an election issue, nationally and locally. Here, ROD DAVIES calls for a fair distribution through the borough of high-density developments

What’s good for the goose …

The previous Conservative administration at Croydon Council bequeathed us a Planning Masterplan that saw high density development primarily concentrated in the town centre, with significant impacts on the quality of life for the adjacent areas, while protecting the vast majority of the rest of Croydon from anything greater than low-rise, low-density development – regular two-storey houses to you and me.

The Masterplan did allow for developments in Purley town centre and New Addington.

Well, lo and behold, the Conservatives in Purley have organised a campaign to oppose what they call a 16-floor “skyscraper” that they say will tower over the residents, fundamentally change the character of the place, black out daylight and worst of all create homes for poor people! (if you follow link, you can express your views).

From the East Croydon perspective, my first question is: “Does 16 floors count as a skyscraper?”

Well compared with the 50+ floors that the Tories gave permission to build to Menta at Cherry Orchard Road, 16 floors is rather dinky. In fact the Purley proposal is dwarfed by virtually all the developments planned or underway next to the established residential areas on the periphery of the town centre. Of course 16 floors is not a skyscraper, it’s just a fairly average block of flats!

Question 2: Why shouldn’t social housing for poor people (which seems to be anyone with a combined household income of less than £75,000 pa) be built in Purley?

Surely, as part of Croydon, and Greater London, Purley should do its bit in providing much-needed homes? Or is it that Croydon town centre should contain special areas – ghettos – for poor people? Evidently, the Croydon South Conservatives think that should happen and there should be no social housing in Purley.

Well, everyone has their opportunity to express their opinion about this proposed development, and I really do think that the Croydon South residents should “man up!” and shoulder a proportion of the burden of providing social housing. Surely if the rude and sullen poor were exposed to the refined manners of the good people of Purley and Croydon South, they would emulate them, and become quite civilised poor people?

I encourage everyone to express their opinions via this survey and make sure that the council hear a true Croydon voice!

I really do think that in terms of High Rise developments, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

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6 Responses to Towering concern for sharing fairly Croydon’s housing burden

  1. davidcallam says:

    Man up Croydon Council. The Tories are the opposition. You make the decisions. Get building!

  2. Is this sky scraper for the cognac socialist? or the Champagne socialist?

  3. This is not a skyscraper. Its an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, small big building in an aesthetically and environmentally unimportant part of Purley. If built, and our Council, as davidcallam, says should just get on with it. A reasonable building of the proposed size would make a good portal to Greater Central Croydon and bring renewed life to the centre of Purley…it could do with it. It would help stop Purley being simply an irritating traffic obstacle and perhaps reinstate it as a lively and living village again.

  4. I would agree with this. For me the north takes more than it’s fair share of house building.

    Councils (of both colours) have been happy to wave through large blocks of flats (have you walked down London Road recently!) without providing more facilities like schools, buses, trains… It’s neither a fair deal for newcomers or existing residents.

  5. mraemiller says:

    What happened to the Mental Tower? I was looking forward to Judge Dredd being brought in to police it.

    • Mental is coming in the mad flood of flats that will soon engulf all of central Croydon in an inundation of unrentable or just-for-investment flats.

      Get to high ground and watch Mental Towers, the Kings Gardens, the old Nestle Building, all the area near our lovely old rioting grounds, the flats atop Barwell’s Folly (the new Hammersfield), the Island Block, Saffron Towers.

      It’s going to be quite a spectacle for the interest and amazement of future archeologists. Why, they will wonder, did the population suddenly indulge in this pointless and mad frenzy in which thousands of flats were built and never lived in. Some sort of cult? Definitely.

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