Purley Way Retail Park snapped up in £45m property deal

Purley WayA large tract of industrial estate alongside the A23 Purley Way has changed hands in a £45.6-million property deal, as developers move in on Croydon possibly with the expectation of profiting from the area’s house-building drive.

LaSalle Investment Management has completed the purchase of Purley Way Retail Park – an area on the western side of the A road and which extends northwards from the John Lewis store almost all the way to the twin chimneys of Ikea. It includes various light industry buildings, warehouses and stores, such as Currys and PC World.

In total, the land includes around 70,000 sq ft of retail warehouses and is fully occupied.

LaSalle bought the property from IM Properties, who acquired the site in two tranches in 2010 and 2012, and turned a tidy profit on the trade, or an “excellent yield”, as one of their suits described it.

LaSalle is a global property investment business, a subsidiary of the US-based Jones Lang LaSalle, one of the world’s largest real estate companies. They have a reputation for managing shopping centres, but have also been busy acquiring residential property.

Where the potential value in the Purley Way deal lies for LaSalle is in the Croydon Plan, the local authority strategy for the borough, which has the land subject to change to housing.

If Hammersfield does ever get built, the usefulness of an out-of-town retail park may be much diminished. But the need for thousands more homes will still exist.

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3 Responses to Purley Way Retail Park snapped up in £45m property deal

  1. Patrick Wales says:

    Why would you want white goods and bulky goods George St & North End? Waste of valuable retail space and displays will be limited and transport for the goods poor. They are not suitable in that environment


    • You wouldn’t, although the basement in Allders used to be one of its most successful departments, selling all kinds of white goods.

      Increasingly, though, retailing will be done online, with shops becoming used as show rooms.

      The land along Purley Way will be more valuable for housing development. The land value will drive its use.

  2. How totally lovely,and in some ways appropriate! Do build a new housing estate under the incinerator plume and criss crossed by lorry loads carrying rubbish and dangerous ash.The children can then walk to the new Harris primary school, on clean air Purley Way…I never knew Croydon could show so much solidarity with the East End.

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