11 Responses to Council plundered £40m from ring-fenced housing account

  1. Steve French says:

    When are the Council going to be challenged and especially the likes of Newman, Butler and everyone else involved in leaving Croydon declared bankrupt for the third time in two years?

    In these difficult times the residents of the Borough deserve so much more.

  2. Surely by now we must be close to Misconduct in Public Office complaints over some of this?

    • According to Richard Penn, in a report that Kerswell has been sitting on, we were there two years ago. And that was *before* RIPI2 on the Fairfield Halls fiasco, with all that expensively acquired legal advice telling Kerswell what she should have done.

      Nowhere in that legal advice does it say: “Do nuffink.”

  3. Paul Ainscough says:

    Any comment from Stuart King ?

  4. How come Butler is still a member of the Labour Party?

  5. Ian Kierans says:

    More to the point why have not the Finance Directors and CEO been questioned? Charging money from one area to another is a professional administrative action, not a Councillor matter, They are advised and take decisions on the advice. So no one said ”you cannot do this”. Or they did and someone told them to do this anyway and they did not whistle blow?

    Is it time for this Council and those in charge to be really answering questions from the time of Mike Fisher onwards and every senior person who made decisions that are suspect.

    Failure to do so will lend to few people ever having any faith or confidence in any utterance from any part of Fisher’s Folly.

  6. I find it saddening to read continually of what has been happening within Croydon over the last few years. Croydon has become something of a laughing stock. The depressed state of the area around North End with empty shops, the rubbish around the entrance to the old Allders cut through to George Street, people curled up in doorways and underpasses, and the general state of the town centre all bear witness to the depth to which Croydon has sunk.

  7. Anton Smithson says:

    Is Katherine Kerswell the elephant in the room?

  8. I Jones says:

    Unbelievable. What else is going to come to life

  9. Sarah Bird says:

    Where is the accountability ? What exactly have the councilors being doing for years? Many to include Jason Perry, the elected Mayor and Leader have been councilors for many years. Why did they not raise concerns and enforce those concerns if appropriate? The numerous independent reports make the position very clear . Yet still the terrible problems remain .What has happened to the police investigations? Has a report been made or referral? Croydon residents deserve so much better . Well done to Inside Croydon for raising the position. Good journalism .

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