Council tenants face 7% rent hike to meet repair costs

Some council tenants in Croydon will face a rent increase of almost £50 per month from April, if a planned 7per cent rent hike is approved by the borough’s Conservative Mayor later this month.

High rise: council tenants in Croydon face a 7% rent increase from April

The rent increases come as the cash-strapped council struggles to reconcile the soaring costs of maintaining and repairing its housing stock, following the scandal of damp, mould and leaks in flats in Regina Road, South Norwood.

The 7per cent figure has been described by some tenant representatives as “outrageous”, although it is less than the inflation-matching 11per cent which Mayor Jason Perry was considering in the autumn.

With a 7per cent rent rise, the monthly cost of a two-bedroom council home will increase by £28. For the largest council homes, the monthly rent rise will be around £48. The 7per cent increase will also apply to service charges.

The increased rents were discussed at a tenant and leaseholder panel meeting held just before Christmas.

Rent crunch: how the 7% rent increase will affect tenants, according to official Croydon Council reports

Susmita Sen, the council’s director of housing, said, “We are extremely mindful of the cost of living crisis and those pressures are feeding through into our own costs. The utilities, the fuel bills have gone sky-high.

“We are having to put the rent up to accommodate those rising costs. Our homes require maintenance, not only fire and building safety but you are all aware of the issues around damp and mould and you’re all aware of Regina Road.

“We are not spending enough on improving or maintaining our homes. When we look at the 7per cent figure, it will be to ensure we invest in the maintenance of those homes.”

Tenant representatives estimate that around one-third of Croydon’s council tenants do not quality for housing benefit. Sen told the meeting that the council will try to assist those tenants to see what support they may qualify for.

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4 Responses to Council tenants face 7% rent hike to meet repair costs

  1. Sarah Bird says:

    Given the clear lack of repairs over many years ,evidenced in the recent Regina Road scandal ,( which was named in the House of Commons ) . The independent reports into Housing were very clear of the failings of the council and its officers What exactly have the very well paid officers and the councilors to include the Housing Councilor being doing during this time ?It is scandalous to expect those residents to pay for the repairs under the circumstances. Where is the accountability from any of the officers , councilors and the council? Enough is enough of the incompetence . As Andrew Pelling alluded too, during the Mayor Hustling’s an increase in rent will in the long term cost the council far more Is the Council so blinded it cannot see this ?

  2. Don White says:

    Existing rent would have included an element for maintenance to keep properties in good condition. Or should have. If not, why not? Who is responsible?
    If so, what was that money spent on, if not on proper maintenance? Croydon’s own justification for increases refers to Regina Road and issues such as damp and mould; an admission of neglect. So, by not acting correctly Croydon has exacerbated matters which proper maintenance would have avoided. But they expect residents to pay for the Council’s failure. Again, who is responsible and what action is being taken against them?

  3. Instead of jacking up rents, Perry and the police should go after the £40 million quid nicked from the Housing Revenue Account (iCs passim When are Tony Newman, Alison Butler, Simon Hall and Jo Negrini going to be held to account for what they did?

  4. Ian Kierans says:

    And once again those not responsible are forced to pay the bill of those who were responsible – that includes Mr Perry as part of the Council during those years and with Fisher.

    Why not put up the rents of those on Housing benefit only by 40% or to the cap max. In fact within Croydon why not put all those publicly funded bills payable by Central Government up to the max and help defray the lack of payments by that body that put us in the shit.

    Lets also jack up the allowances paid by this Council and ring fence them to provide services in the Borough only- after all Perry and the Conservatives and one third responsible also, as is the Labour administration under Newman.

    That will put the payments back to the Council and Central Government where they belong – and not onto those that are unable to afford it. Why not charge developments a huge premium so that their impacts are fully paid for and not the hard pressed residents? How about a 14% surcharge on HGVs to the incinerator?
    Remember that Waste slogan don’t mess with Croydon – well muck = brass = income = less cuts and less shit.

    Perhaps a change in legislation?
    Why not and make funding public services a priority over debt improperly obtained?.
    Perhaps those that are owed can show they did due diligence in loaning or allowing such sums to be loaned in the first place?

    That would make interesting reading!

    May be in future large loans should be put to a local referendum vote so those voting know they are liable for the payments in the manner that is being done now?

    This should fit in just nicely with Mr Philps and the Conservative view of getting those Conservatives living off the Public purse, off the Public tit and incentivise them to take control and not screw up public finances any longer. Ditto Labour.

    Universal credit is expensive to the taxpayer – But so are incompetent and wasteful Public officers, Special allowances for sod all, and all those scandalous expenses and the not value for money as yet Mayor.

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