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Meeting called over failed Addiscombe one-way scheme

The Addiscombe traffic balls-up is set to be discussed at a public meeting next week. The organisers were unable to confirm whether a proposal to change the name of Lebanon Road to “Alderman Watson Boulevard” will be on the agenda. … Continue reading

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Council’s U-turn creates a road block to residents’ complaints

A council report to this Wednesday’s traffic management committee at the Town Hall recommends a U-turn on the controversial one-way system on residential streets between Addiscombe Road and Cherry Orchard Road which has caused distress and dismay for hundreds of … Continue reading

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Road rage breaks out over one-way system in Addiscombe

A form of road rage has broken out along the usually polite residential streets of Addiscombe, in a simmering dispute between neighbours over the council’s traffic management. Residents along Lebanon Road and Addiscombe Court Road have been the recipients of … Continue reading

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Residents’ associations mobilise to get better say with council

The peasants are revolting. They may not just yet quite be at the point of storming Fisher’s Folly with lighted torches and armed with pitchforks, but dissatisfaction with the way Croydon Council is run and the manner in which public … Continue reading

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Lights go out again in Addiscombe but Skanska are in no rush

Residents in and around Addiscombe have been left in the dark again this week, less than two months after filing formal complaints to Croydon Council over the service – or lack of it – from contractors Skanska when several roads … Continue reading

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Lebanon Road residents left in the dark by “indifferent” council

Residents in Lebanon Road have filed a formal complaint to the council, accusing it of “indifference” to their plight, after their street has been plunged into darkness, with no street lighting for nearly a week, creating obvious risks for accidents … Continue reading

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