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Cold-hearted Perry refuses to open warm banks in Croydon

More than half of local councils in England are planning “warm spaces”, where people can shelter from the cold this winter amid soaring energy costs. But not in Croydon, where the borough’s cold-hearted Mayor, Jason Perry, has decided that the … Continue reading

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Children’s Christmas activity clubs are open for bookings

The council has updated its directory of voluntary, faith and charity organisations staging holiday clubs over the Christmas period, offering activities and healthy hot meals for those youngsters who receive free school meals. The Department for Education has allocated £300,000 … Continue reading

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Evita gives Addiscombe’s café society a new Latvian crunch

KEN TOWL discovers a welcome addition to his local high street When I ask the name of the manager of the new deli on Addiscombe High Street, she tells me she is Evita. “As in…?” I start to ask. “Madonna, … Continue reading

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‘There’s no excuse for the force they used on a black boy’

Met Police’s ‘systemic’ failings, in particular over stop and search, have been highlighted by incident close to a Croydon tram stop last week Two dire episodes of policing, including one in Croydon which has shocked many television viewers, emphasise why … Continue reading

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Ashburton’s sorry tale of park life in a council with no cash

It’s not a good sign when, less than a month into the new administration of £81,000 per year Conservative Mayor Jason Perry, residents are already getting restless. Perhaps inevitably, the complaints of the Friends of Ashburton Park involve the cutting … Continue reading

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Mayor candidate Shawcross’s ‘new’ direction not so new at all

Any ‘clean break’ with the incompetence and graft of the past at Croydon Town Hall that is being offered by Labour Mayoral candidate Val Shawcross appears doomed by her own campaign’s deep-rooted connections with discredited Tony Newman and some of … Continue reading

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Labour staffer caught trying to cheat online election poll

CROYDON LABOUR IN CRISIS: Professional organiser resorts to devious methods to try to make Shawcross campaign look stronger. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES A paid Labour Party official – and a member of the campaign team for Val Shawcross, the party’s … Continue reading

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Tory councillor apologises after breaking his rubbish promise

The local election campaign is heating up, with accusations of sharp practice against some candidates. KEN LEE reports A Tory council candidate in a marginal ward has been forced to issue an apology after breaking a promise to local volunteers … Continue reading

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Residents’ plans to erase Addiscombe’s magic roundabout

There is a public meeting being held tomorrow night to discuss plans to reshape the junction of Cherry Orchard Road and Lower Addiscombe Road to make it more pedestrian-friendly. The radical plans being proposed would remove the current mini-roundabout outside … Continue reading

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Lewis gets another chance as selection process grinds to halt

CROYDON LABOUR IN CRISIS: The party’s membership has dropped by 50% in some wards since 2020, and officials didn’t have enough women applicants to complete their selection process in what was supposed to be a target ward. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN … Continue reading

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5-bed Ashburton Lodge to be auctioned for price of a flat

CROYDON IN CRISIS: Developers and property speculators look set to profit as more public-owned property is to be sold on the cheap. EXCLUSIVE by STEVEN DOWNES The Croydon fire-sale, with public property being flogged off in a rush at bargain-basement … Continue reading

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Labour councillor’s leaflet causes anger in Addiscombe

An Addiscombe couple, whose business has cosy links to Labour’s General Secretary David Evans, has shocked and angered party members by distributing a leaflet which tries to pass itself off as official Labour literature. The efforts of Maddie and Mark … Continue reading

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Addiscombe’s The Alma gets a £360,000 Croydon facelift

Work began this week on a £360,000 refurbishment project to bring The Alma Tavern on Lower Addiscombe Road back into business for the New Year. The Alma has been closed since the first covid lockdown in March 2020, but Heineken … Continue reading

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Cummings and Lewis start the ‘chicken run’ for safe wards

WALTER CRONXITE, political editor, on the unedifying scramble among some Labour councillors to find a safe ward to stand in at next May’s local elections The chicken run is underway among the borough’s Labour councillors, with at least one  current … Continue reading

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Tories welcome back far-right figures as 2022 candidates

Our Political Editor, WALTER CRONXITE, on the names in the frame to become new Tory councillors next May Jason Perry, the leader of the Conservative opposition at Croydon Council, has handed the local politics equivalent of Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket … Continue reading

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Croydon Labour spread the word – and a risk of the virus

Croydon’s group of inept Labour councillors is back doing what they do best: being inept. Political editor WALTER CRONXITE reports As a third wave of covid lets rip (nearly 1,200 new cases of infection in the last seven days in … Continue reading

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Conservatives recruit social media expert for local elections

Our south of the borough reporter, PEARL LEE, on the latest efforts to win political control of the Town Hall Croydon Tories are gearing up for a battle to win back control of Croydon Town Hall – just in time … Continue reading

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Questions asked over Town Hall Mayor’s business deal

Controversial online voting system was bought by Labour Party without any competitive tendering An online voting system used by the Labour Party was bought from a Croydon-based business with no proper tendering process, it is alleged. “Anonyvoter” has been subject … Continue reading

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Going cheap: one Mayoral car, one not-so-careful owner

Cash-strapped Croydon Council has been forced to diversify and go into the duckin’ and divin’ world of the used car trade, just like Arthur Daley. You can imagine the notice in the small ads: “Going cheap: one mayoral limousine, low … Continue reading

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Croydon’s planners save historic Addiscombe house – twice

Addiscombe residents are preparing themselves for a renewed battle to save an historic, landmark house in their neighbourhood after the council’s planning department first refused planning permission to the building’s owners to convert the house into flats, and today refused … Continue reading

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Council holds so few meetings it has dropped ‘six-month rule’

The pandemic lockdown has had such a marked impact on the business at the Town Hall that councillors have been told it no longer matters if they don’t attend meetings for six months. Our political editor, WALTER CRONXITE, reports Croydon’s … Continue reading

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The Ashburton chainsaw massacre as park’s trees are felled

Croydon Council, which has declared a climate emergency and claims it wants to be a green borough, is chopping down and pollarding trees in one of its parks. In the middle of the bird-nesting season. Members of the Friends of … Continue reading

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TfL’s cashflow crisis could make Croydon traffic jams worse

Our transport correspondent, JEREMY CLACKSON, on finance problems for Transport for London that could have a profound impact on south London Transport for London’s appeal to the government for £3.2billion to allow it to keep operating in the covid-19 crisis … Continue reading

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Neighbours rally round to help in coronavirus emergency

As supermarkets decide to ration some products in their stores after panic-buying over the weekend, and the first Croydon school announces a partial closure, meanwhile hundreds of good neighbours have been mobilising to help others through the pandemic crisis, as … Continue reading

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Thornberry, white vans and taking canvassing on board

Just what are those political party activists, armed with clipboards and little slips of paper, doing when they come knocking at your door at election time? KEN TOWL set off to find out On Saturday at 10am, Emily Thornberry was … Continue reading

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