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I Daniel Blake: a story being played out daily around Croydon

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Over the weekend, I Daniel Blake, the heart-rending story of our broken benefits system, was named British film of the year at the BAFTAs. And here at Inside Croydon Towers, we received this account from a Croydon mother … Continue reading

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Croydon MP calls for halt to agents’ “scandalously high” fees

A scheme to license letting agents and landlords in Croydon to help protect thousands of private tenants could be a key proposal from Labour ahead of the 2014 Town Hall elections. With the national housing crisis reaching acute levels in … Continue reading

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April Fools’ Day welfare changes are fooling nobody

Social security, or welfare, payments are about to be drastically reduced. Or “reformed”, in the language used by the government. TONY NEWMAN, leader of the opposition Labour group on the council, highlights how those changes are likely to impact Croydon … Continue reading

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Our council’s “solution” for the economy: tax the unemployed

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Local trades unionist ANDREW FISHER, pictured left, sees a worryingly spiteful trend in social policy in the borough The campaign against welfare is the centrepiece of the coalition government’s policy agenda. It started with the Chancellor George Osborne, … Continue reading

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Housing benefit caps could hurt outer London

It was Newton, wasn’t it, who posited that every action has a reaction? It wouldn’t take an Einstein to work out, though, that if you take away housing benefit from people living in an “expensive” area of a city, that … Continue reading

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