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How the Loadsamoney mentality has cost us our country

It does not take an Einsteinian definition of insanity to realise that there is something profoundly wrong in one of the world’s richest economies when there is an ever-increasing demand for food banks. Yet on discovering that our financial markets … Continue reading

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Daily Mail is lying about Miliband says former Croydon MP

A former Croydon Conservative MP and one-time trusted aide to Margaret Thatcher has joined the growing row over the Daily Wail’s attack on Ralph Miliband, the refugee, Second World War serviceman and father of Ed Miliband, the leader of the … Continue reading

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When Croydon’s first couple were actually a laughing matter

Local comedian ANTHONY MILLER says that the success of Purley comedy couple Terry and June was no joke A running gag of this website is a reference to the borough’s first couple as Terry and June. There is something of … Continue reading

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Tory calls for de-selection of “contemptible” councillor Arram

Local Conservatives’ new recruit John Cartwright has called for the de-selection of Croydon Mayor Eddy Arram ahead of next year’s council elections, alleging that the Ashburton councillor bullied a member of the public at last Monday’s Town Hall meeting. Arram’s … Continue reading

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Croydon’s homes crisis is borough’s bitter Thatcher legacy

CROYDON COMMENTARY: DAVID CALLAM says that the council lost much of its ability to manage its own policies on business and housing to a premiership of 30 years ago Margaret Thatcher is portrayed as a darling of the Home Counties … Continue reading

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Maggie and me: Why I could never be “one of us”

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Ahead of her funeral, ANDREW PELLING assesses Margaret Thatcher’s legacy for Croydon The Croydon Guardian reports that Dudley Mead, the deputy leader of the local Conservatives, can’t recall Margaret Thatcher ever visiting Croydon. Maybe it’s a sign that … Continue reading

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Croydon Tory members urged to attend Thatcher funeral

It has been called “a state funeral on the sly”, and Wednesday’s £10 million-worth of ceremonies for Baroness Thatcher has even been decried by a senior columnist in the Daily Torygraph. What is becoming increasingly clear is that David Cameron, … Continue reading

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Glenda Jackson performance worthy of her third Oscar

Residents in her north London constituency have complained of her lack of activity in the House of Commons of late. But Glenda Jackson‘s speech in the Thatcher debate was rated by some to have all the acting panache and passion … Continue reading

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Changed the nation forever, and not necessarily for the better

Gavin Barwell, Croydon Central’s Conservative party MP, struck a slightly begrudging tone this afternoon when, in commenting on Twitter on the death, at age 87, of Margaret Thatcher, described her only as “one of our greatest Prime Ministers”. “Margaret Thatcher … Continue reading

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Power raises questions over Fitze’s fitness to chair

CROYDON COMMENTARY: With tens of millions of NHS cash not properly accounted for, ANDREW PELLING  asks why Croydon’s Conservative MPs and councillors are not doing more to protect their constituents’ health care A public inquiry into the mystery of the … Continue reading

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Westfield to display their Whitgift Centre plans next week

Re-designing Croydon for the 21st century appears to be some kind of favourite fantasy game among architecture students. Until July 3, the Fairfield Halls is staging an exhibit called “New Croydon”, “celebrating Croydon’s architecture” – yes, seriously – as part … Continue reading

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Croydon schools for Croydon’s children say Labour

Croydon’s Labour opposition has responded to the Conservative-run council’s proposal to establish a grammar school, claiming that parents in Woodside and South Norwood will be paying for the education of children from neighbouring boroughs. “All children should have access to … Continue reading

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Where is Tory Councillor Clare Hilley on Ai Wei Wei?

Croydon’s newest councillor, Waddon ward’s Clare Hilley, appears a little conflicted. As well as being on the council’s planning committee yet also working for a PR firm that specialises in delivering deals for property developers, now the Conservative councillor is … Continue reading

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