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Croydon appoints Negrini as fifth planning chief in two years

Croydon Council has hand-picked someone to be our borough’s executive director of planning and environment who has spent the last four years working closely with developers Westfield on their Stratford mega-mall. Jo Negrini will become Croydon’s fifth planning chief in … Continue reading

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Follow in the footsteps of “Puff Puff” Pirie: Dec 1

Run in the footsteps of south London’s greatest distance runner in a special race staged over some of the most beautiful country, and demanding hills, in south-east England. Six decades before Mo Farah, Britain had a world record-breaking distance runner … Continue reading

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Met Police figures show muggings in Croydon up by 12%

Not for the first time, Croydon risks becoming known as the muggings capital of south London, as “robberies against the person” have soared by almost 12 per cent over a 12-month period, when the rate of similar crimes in neighbouring … Continue reading

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Friends of Millers Pond Annual Fayre: Saturday July 20

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Steve Reed MP: Cameron must honour promises to riot victims

Most of the victims of the Croydon riots are still waiting for the help they were promised by David Cameron and Boris Johnson. STEVE REED MP, right, says it is long overdue to put this right It’s almost two years … Continue reading

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More scepticism about the role of the riots’ non-inquiry inquiry

All right, so it is in The Grauniad, the must-have accessory of every left-leaning commuter on the 8.16 from East Croydon. But a piece by Alison Benjamin in yesterday’s Society section (yes, the one with all the local government jobs … Continue reading

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Police turn their back on Croydon’s riot review panel

‘ello, ‘ello, ‘ello, what’s going on ‘ere then? Not a lot as far as police evidence to Croydon’s riots review panel, ANDREW PELLING has discovered Croydon police appear to have opted not to help the borough’s riots review panel with … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King, Croydon and putting riot victims first

ANDREW PELLING, left, in his regular column, looks at the different approaches to the needs of residents affected by the 8/8 riots by Croydon’s Labour and Conservative groups Parliament regales the government’s main opponents with the grand title “Her Majesty’s … Continue reading

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MP Wicks renews demand for urgent inquiry into Croydon riots

Ahead of tonight’s post-riots community action meeting at the Oshwal Centre, Croydon North MP Malcolm Wicks has again called for a public inquiry into the events of 8/8. “Croydon should establish its own inquiry into the borough’s riots, so that … Continue reading

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Rioters “wanted to kill a police officer” claims Commander

ANDREW PELLING has spent the past week visiting distraught residents, attending meetings and speaking to the people who run Croydon. He finds there’s still many unsettling questions to answer about the Croydon riots Nearly two weeks on, the smouldering embers … Continue reading

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Croydon police chief says her force was overstretched

In an extended interview with Inside Croydon columnist ANDREW PELLING, fitted in between a command meeting and maintaining high profile policing, Croydon’s Acting Borough Commander Jo Oakley defends the police’s performance in Monday’s riots With an ICM poll in The … Continue reading

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“Clean Up Croydon” will need more than a dustpan and brush

For most “ordinary” and responsible people, the emotions stirred up by the wretched events of 8/8, a date which will go down in infamy for Croydon, can probably be summed up as a combination of maddening and saddening. After a … Continue reading

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