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Miliband visits Crystal Palace for his small business message

Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, is in Crystal Palace today to show that, while the Conservatives are the party of big business, his party is backing small business. Accompanied by Streatham MP and his shadow business spokesman Chuka Umanna and … Continue reading

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Daily Mail is lying about Miliband says former Croydon MP

A former Croydon Conservative MP and one-time trusted aide to Margaret Thatcher has joined the growing row over the Daily Wail’s attack on Ralph Miliband, the refugee, Second World War serviceman and father of Ed Miliband, the leader of the … Continue reading

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Hard times make it right to give everyone the benefit

CROYDON COMMENTARY: The “reform” of social security, or “welfare” as the government terms it in its Americanised manner, is being used as an excuse to take money away from the poorest in society. But there must be a better way, … Continue reading

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